Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"It's so fluffy" Oatmeal

I had off today and I was feeling like breakfast with a little "flair" (it is kinda my thing). Since I could never leave well enough along, and have JUST plain old oatmeal, or JUST plain old eggs...I decided to hit the interwebs for some new ideas! That is how I found this... The Best 300 Calorie Oatmeal You'll Ever Have So, I decided to give it a try, but with a few modifications...
I used multigrain oats, 3 eggwhites instead of 4, and only 1/4 tbsp. of butter. It was very good...just wish I had something to top it off with. My friend Frankie suggested some golden raisins and toasted almonds. And since he is staring on Master Chef (Premiers Monday 6/4 on FOX)...I would take his word for it! :)
I also suggest going easy on the vanilla extract...other than that it was YUM!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


We took about 780 pictures on our honeymoon (give or take a few). I promise to share some, but for now here are the pics from our photoshoot on the beach. Loveeeeeee!

A lot has happened....

Ummmmm....hello...My name is Stephanie Skoblicki now, nice to meet you! So, to say a lot has happened since my last post, would be an understatement! I know I have slacked on keeping this thing updated before, but I literally have no clue where to begin! I need some more time to gather my thoughts...but for now here is a little teaser. Just a few pics of us before I get into the pro pics hopefully before next weekend! We'll see! Here is a glimpse at the most incredible day of our lives! We are beyond grateful for our friends and family for helping make our day more special that we could have ever imagined!

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