Friday, June 26, 2009

My Gramps

Okay, well I haven't been around for a while. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away last Wednesday 6/17. Although he was sick, fighting oral cancer for the last few months, it was still a huge shock when he suddenly took a turn for the worst early last week. The doctors had all given us a false sense of hope and I can't help but still feel like "what on earth happened"?!? So with my Grandmother passing a little over two years ago, I am just in disbelief that they are BOTH gone at this point. I have been finding comfort in reminding myself that at least they are together. My 10 year old cousin Kristen, wrote this incredible poem for Gramps and read it at his funeral...and I really would like to share it here...
Years will go by, and you won't be here,
We miss you so much, and we hope that it's clear.
As you watch us from heavens above,
We'll send our kisses, and wrap them in love.
As much as we feel sorrow,
Fragments of our hearts will always follow.
We love you with every bit of our heart,
We can't believe you left us, from us, you part.
Undoubtedly we think of you every single day,
We dream of seeing you, we wish you never went away.
We desire for you to speak our name,
Without you here, things will never be the same.

Monday, June 15, 2009

First 2...

OK...on Sunday I FINALLY got back to scrapping....or as the "cherries" over at ACOT say...I got my "mojo" back! I got a few pictures from the trip (literally a few) printed at CVS, and I used my Michaels giftcard that I got from Stephen's sister for graduation! (Thanks Sharyn) When I got home, I cleaned and organized my "scrapbook nook". All these things were all the incentive I needed to get back into scrapping!! It was wonderful! Here is the first layout that I made on Sunday...

And here is the second that I did today...

The journaling says:
"Wipeout Hill is one of the most horrifying obstacles we encountered in Moab, Utah! This is one of my favorite pictures taken by Pat! I love how we are all gathered around contemplating whether or not to take on this obstacle. Only one person had the nerve to try out wipeout hill...."Crazy Guy"! (of course) I have to say it was fun watching that nut!
So what else is new...
I filled out MAD APPLICATIONS....yes I said "MAD"'s true though! Fingers crossed that I hear SOMETHING from ANYONE! At least then I will know that all these efforts were not for nothing! OK gotta get some rest!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The last ladybug

Here it is... Ladybug #23!!!!

These stickers really have been on quite a journey! We just got out of heavy traffic and we are now in south Jersey.... It's been a rough drive! Poor Stephen! Anyway GPS is estimating we will be home around 9:30 at this point. We are hoping no later than that!
--> Stephanie
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Traffic is NOT fun!

We are in mega-traffic! Granted it is rush hour...but this really stinks! At this point we jut want to get home! Madeline and Rays was great... We wish we had more time to spend with them in NC! We wish we had more time to spend with them! If all goes well, we will be back to visit soon. Anyway we are stuck somewhere in Delaware right before Jersey. We have been on the road since 8:00! Let's get moving!!

This rain has made today even more miserable than it already was!!
--> Stephanie
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Deerfield Pics

These are a few Deerfield beach pics from our camera...

--> Stephanie
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Here are some pics from Jen's birthday when we played Balderdash...

--> Stephanie
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Jen's Birthday

Tuesday was Jennifer's birthday. So glad I was able to be there for it... good timing, huh? Here are some pics...
My Uncle John (UJ), and Jen with her boyfriend Seth...

Jen about to set her hair on fire...(palm trees on the Floridian)

Jen, Kristen, and me...

--> Stephanie
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Still love each other...


--> Stephanie
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BMX pics

I never got a chance to post any of the pics from John and Anthonys race on Sunday, so here are a few I took with my phone...

--> Stephanie
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On the road again!

Ok so we left Coconut Creek almost 2 hours ago. Bye-bye Aunt Laura, Uncle John, Jen, Kristen, and Mom!

We are both SO happy that we altered the trip at the last minute to include Florida! My mom was so excited and suprised to see us, it was so worth it! Stephen was glad too that he was able to meet the "Florida Crew", and he also fell in love with the south Florida area! We got to visit Grandpa in the hospital... and he felt and looked a million times better than last week! He was smiling and laughing, and joking around refering to himself as "chemo boy", haha! I was so glad he got to meet Stephen... and I KNOW he approved because when we were saying goodbye he was like "Yeah, a Polack"!!! It was so cute! I remember Gramps was excited when he found out Stephen's family did the Polish Easter breakfast like we do! So it was great to see him, and even better that he is feeling drastically better than last week. I'm hoping he gets out of the hospital after this round of chemo is over. Anyway, all in all, it was a very great end to a wonderful trip!
Anyway it is not completely over yet! We still have 2 more days of traveling back home. Tonight we are stopping off in Louisburg, North Carolina to stay with Madeline and Ray. They are the grandparents of the kids I babysit, and I wish we had more time to spend with them in NC but we need to get back to reality! So it will be a short stop but if we get any interviews down there, they know we will be back! So speaking of getting back to reality... I can't wait to see Kaci and Joseph!!! I have never gone this long without seeing them and it is too weird... I don't like it!!! Saturday is Kaci's 3rd birthday party... can't believe she is already 3!!! I also have Larisa's bridal shower that day. At least I have Sunday to recover and unpack/ do laundry! I have a TON to do. My dad and bro have been saving theirs for me to do... remember mommys in Florida, for atleast another week! Then Monday Stephen and I have to proctor the special ed. SAT's. So yea, back to some sort of routine! And the first chance we get, it's back to sending out resumes, cover letters, and applications...going to kick the "job hunt" into high gear, time is running out (scary)! And most of all I need to get back to scrapping! I miss it! I have done only a few digital layouts during the trip.... but I really miss paper scrapping... I have 788 new pictures I'm dying to get my hands on!! ;)
We have about 10 hours to go, I have a new book to read... as well as pictures I'd like to post on here. Check back frequently for more updates!
--> Stephanie
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deerfield Beach

We just went to the beach with my cousin Jennifer and her boyfriend Seth. We wenr early and only stayed for a few hours because Seth has an interview, but we are thinking about going to Delray Beach to get some lunch, and walk around a bit. Here are pics...

--> Stephanie
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ok most of you probably already know we weren't actually going to North Carolina yesterday! We went to Florida instead to surprise my mom!! She has been down here taking care of my Grandpa for the past week and since I have been on the road trip i didn't know when I would see her! So in order to cheer her up we took a 750 mile detour!! We showed up at the door around 9:00 last night! She thought we were traveling to North Carolina ALL day.... And man was she shocked!!! It took a while to register when we walked in the door! Here are the pics we have...

Needless to say my Mom now loves Stephen more than ever... She was so grateful and thought we were nuts!!!
--> Stephanie
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Monday, June 1, 2009


Just made it into North Carolina a little while ago! It amazes me how far we have come!! The GPS is saying we have about four more hours to go! After all the driving we have done that seems like a breeze!! I just drove for about three hours to give Stephen a break. Anyway here are some more pictures of my cousins puppies Jewels and Sissy....

Seems like everyone in my family has cute puppies!!! I miss my puppy Penelope!!! Can't wait to rub that belly....

--> Stephanie
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Thank you Anita!!

We had WONDERFUL time in Birmingham!! I am so happy that I had the chance to come stay with you even if it was only for a day!! Here are some pictures...

Look at Sissy trying to get in on the pic...

My cousin John, Sissy, and me....

--> Stephanie
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