Thursday, June 4, 2009

On the road again!

Ok so we left Coconut Creek almost 2 hours ago. Bye-bye Aunt Laura, Uncle John, Jen, Kristen, and Mom!

We are both SO happy that we altered the trip at the last minute to include Florida! My mom was so excited and suprised to see us, it was so worth it! Stephen was glad too that he was able to meet the "Florida Crew", and he also fell in love with the south Florida area! We got to visit Grandpa in the hospital... and he felt and looked a million times better than last week! He was smiling and laughing, and joking around refering to himself as "chemo boy", haha! I was so glad he got to meet Stephen... and I KNOW he approved because when we were saying goodbye he was like "Yeah, a Polack"!!! It was so cute! I remember Gramps was excited when he found out Stephen's family did the Polish Easter breakfast like we do! So it was great to see him, and even better that he is feeling drastically better than last week. I'm hoping he gets out of the hospital after this round of chemo is over. Anyway, all in all, it was a very great end to a wonderful trip!
Anyway it is not completely over yet! We still have 2 more days of traveling back home. Tonight we are stopping off in Louisburg, North Carolina to stay with Madeline and Ray. They are the grandparents of the kids I babysit, and I wish we had more time to spend with them in NC but we need to get back to reality! So it will be a short stop but if we get any interviews down there, they know we will be back! So speaking of getting back to reality... I can't wait to see Kaci and Joseph!!! I have never gone this long without seeing them and it is too weird... I don't like it!!! Saturday is Kaci's 3rd birthday party... can't believe she is already 3!!! I also have Larisa's bridal shower that day. At least I have Sunday to recover and unpack/ do laundry! I have a TON to do. My dad and bro have been saving theirs for me to do... remember mommys in Florida, for atleast another week! Then Monday Stephen and I have to proctor the special ed. SAT's. So yea, back to some sort of routine! And the first chance we get, it's back to sending out resumes, cover letters, and applications...going to kick the "job hunt" into high gear, time is running out (scary)! And most of all I need to get back to scrapping! I miss it! I have done only a few digital layouts during the trip.... but I really miss paper scrapping... I have 788 new pictures I'm dying to get my hands on!! ;)
We have about 10 hours to go, I have a new book to read... as well as pictures I'd like to post on here. Check back frequently for more updates!
--> Stephanie
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  1. Drive safely & have a good trip. Glad your grandpa is doing better!
    Love, Mom Sko

  2. Hurry home!! Joseph keeps asking if you are home yet & Kaci yells "Sessy home??" in her quiet, soft voice. LOL. Can't wait to see you!!!

  3. North Carolina bound :)..for real this time! haha. Funny, cuz i'll be flying into NC tomorrow for the day, and then my parents are meeting up with me in Charlotte and we're heading to Myrtle Beach, SC. You two have had quite a trip, and I miss you both.


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