Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today was not the best of days... the news about the biopsy was not good. I guess we were all somewhat prepared for the worst....but you can never fully brace yourself for something like that. There is going to be a long road ahead, still need to find out more of the specifics after Gramps goes to see the specialist.

Anyway on a lighter note... I tried to keep my mind off of it today, and stay occupied. Joseph was home sick for another day and me him and Kaci had a nice relaxing day in, which is just what I needed! Those kids are so cuddly it is amazing! I hope my kids will be as cuddly as they are!

Me and Kaci even painted for a little bit and I took (then altered) these amazing pics!

And my absolute favorite of all of them...

I'm in class right now... not paying attention to my research methods class...once again trying to keep my attention focused elsewhere. My cutie pie is finally getting his own blog going and it is the cutest!!
Here is the link...
Gotta love him! :)

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