Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pics from parents visit...

The past two weekends were GREAT!!! It was so much fun showing my parents around our "neck of the woods"! We spent a lot of time at Spanish Springs, and Lake Sumter Landing, ate at so many wonderful restaurants, and even rented a golf cart on Saturday, to see what it is like to live the "village lifestyle"! Here are some pics...
Doing the "cuban" or the "cupid" shuffle....hahahaha!!

What you can't tell from the pic is that this was the 2nd time I had done this dance that night. I taught my dad the dance in the square and then where we ate dinner, they had a DJ and we couldn't not dance a second time....this time Stephen joined us...and he had a BLAST!!!
Pics from our golf cart excursion....


  1. How much fun!! We can't wait to be able to visit, too!
    Lot's of Love, Mom & Dad Sko

  2. Trust me Mom Sko - you and Dad Sko will have a blast - so many fun things to do and so many good restaurants to eat at - As you can tell a good time was had by all!!! Stephanie you got some great pics! Love MomSco


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