Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cupid Shuffle

This past weekend was GREAT! Aunt Laura, Uncle John, Jennifer, and Kristen drove up on Friday evening. Saturday we had an awesome golf carting adventure all over town! Sooooo much fun! I know they had a blast! We rented a 4 seater and a 2 seater golf cart....every time we went through the tunnels we were all like "WHOOOOOOOO"....people passing by were looking at us like we were the wacked out visitors! HaHa....tourists! Anyway there are a BUNCH of pictures, I am just waiting for them to send them to me, so far I have these three pictures I promised my Dad! Here it is FATH....PROOF we got UJ to Shuffle, Cupidly!!! LOL!!!


  1. Hi Stephanie!

    Some great work here, would you like to come join me for a challange...

    Just letting you know that the criteria has gone up for my challenge sites for October.
    Would love you to join us this month :)

    ARTastic =
    Inspiration this month comes from Vincent van Gogh's 'Starry Night'


    From Screen 2 Scrap =
    Inspiration this month comes from the movie poster 'Night at the Museum'

    International scrappers welcome :)

    Don't forget to become a follower of my challenge blog sites, that way you get all the updates and info :)


  2. I would have never believed it if I did not see the proof! Those pics are too funny - so glad you guys had fun! Miss and Love you both - MomSco

  3. What a hoot! Is the Cupid Shuffle the next new dance for "weddings"?-joining the electric slide, macarena, etc.??? It is so cold & stormy up here right now. Short sleeves & sunshine would be very welcomed!
    Lot's of Love, Mom Sko


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