Monday, March 22, 2010

Stuffed Artichokes: RECIPE!!!

OK here it is (by popular demand) especially for you Theresa....
It is time consuming yet pretty simple....

1. First you need to cut the stems off of the artichokes (so you can stand them up in a pot)

2. clip the points off of all the leaves (get into the center as best you can)

3. Give them a really good rinse, then put them into a pot of boiling water for 2-3 minutes....after you take them out let them cool while you make your stuffing mixture

4. In a bowl mix bread crumbs(I use the seasoned), Parmesan cheese, garlic powder (or fresh), parsley, salt and pepper.....sorry I don't have any measurements, you sorta just have to eyeball it!! My Aunt Delores tells me to taste it! If it tastes good in your bowl then it will taste good when it is all cooked! Obviously you will put the most bread crumbs, and don't worry about being TOO generous with the Parm....I used about a cup to make these 3!

5. Spread the leaves of the artichoke and then stuff them...I start from the inside and work my way can't overstuff these, so don't be shy!!

6. Stand them in a large pot fill halfway up the choke with low sodium chicken broth, and a little white wine. Drizzle each (it is all about generosity) with some olive oil, and lemon juice. Bring to a boil then let simmer.....baste the artichokes every 15 minutes. Should take about an hour to cook...when a leaf comes out easily they are done!

7. ENJOY!!!!

***Sorry I do not have ANY measurements!!! This is the kind of thing that will come out different almost every time you make them!! The first time I made them, the artichokes were smaller and I was able to fit four in the pot...SEEEEE...

OK I think I take wayyyy too many pictures of the food I cook!! LOL!! :)


  1. Mmmmmmm artichokes my favorite. i luv those things especially when there overstuffed! yummmy....
    anyway sooooooo i got a riddle, its not finished but i got it! i tell u when i finish it maybe tonite or somthin annndddddd ill give u the answer when u come next week
    kristen <333

  2. thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try it. I love artichokes.


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