Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lizard Trapper Extraordinaire!

Ok so we *officially* just had our first lizard house guest! Yuck! I spotted him hanging out on the DVR remote out of the corner of my eye!

Here is how to hunt, trap, and set free a lizard in your home in 5 easy steps!!
Step 1....Sneak up on Lizard with giant bowl...

Step 2....move crap out of the way ever so gently.....

Step 3.....trap lizard under bowl....

Step 4.... When he crawls out the lip of the bowl get new bowl (this time without a lip!!!) and try again, most likely somewhere else..., breath and regroup.... Slide cardboard underneath....

Step 5.... Set free!!!

Love my lizard trapper!!!! :)
--> Stephanie
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  1. Stephen now you are truly the man of the house - LOL! It's official it took almost a year but the two of you are now true Floridians - LOL! EEEEK is all I have to say! See you soon, Love, MomSco


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