Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Bulletin Board

Last year my bulletin board sat there empty for months, then I finally covered it with paper and a cute ladybug border. I couldn't think of, or find the time to come up with anything good enough to put up there. A few months after that I was sick of looking at it since it was unfinished and started putting random things up there just to fill the empty space....such as pictures of book covers of last years "sunshine readers" and ladybugs that students have drawn for me. Well this year I was determined to start off the year right! The blue papers are tips for the new 6th graders handwritten by students last year! I had the entire school fill these out last year during kindness week! Here are some of my favorites...
"Watch out for the poles in the breezeway...they will get you!"
"Wear a belt"
"Stick to the pizza in the is the safest"
"Don't try to be someone you're not for cool points"
"Don't smoke because it is a bad habit and bad habits fall hard"

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