Sunday, October 3, 2010

Carting Around

So, Aunt Laura and Uncle John were in town this weekend for their 22nd anniversary. We were heading over to the hotel they were staying at, and when we walked in their suite....guess who else was there??? Aunt Delores and Uncle Jeff!!! Actually we weren't THAT surprised becuase we saw their car in the parking lot...I was trying to convince myself it was just a coincidence, but that was quite a longshot! LOL! We had a great day yesterday driving around in carts...had lunch at Toojays, and Dinner at Red Sauce...and stopped at a few other places for happy hour! Here are some pics...

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  1. Fun, fun, fun - How Dad and I wished we were there!!! Glad you guys had a good time and that Aunt Dolores and Uncle Jeff got a chance to see your apartment and experience a little of The Village lifestyle! Good times! Miss you, MomSco


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