Thursday, January 20, 2011


Sooooo...I just wanted to add on here, that although the reason for the sudden trip to California was not at all a positive is always a good time when the family gets together. By "good" I mostly mean "crazy"...but for all "intents and purposes" (it is not "intensive purposes"...who knew?) I will say it was a "CRAZY GOOD TIME"! Here are some of the happier memories I will take away from the unofficial start to 2011...
COUSINS!!!!!! (Okay...there is a very important person missing from this poor brother was sick, and couldn't come out)

Casano's Paradise...

Cousin Peter and Jen have 3 adorable puppies, Lucy, Lilly, and is my cousin Michael Sco with LOUIEEEEE

Okay before I begin to explain this ridiculous "fiasco"..NO let's call it an "incident".. let me first start off by warning my "readers" (that means you Mom Sco and Sko...actually Mom Sco already knows this).... My Dad's family is nuts, everything is always interesting (putting it nicely)! An incident such as this is not that unexpected especially when we are all gathered together in such close proximity! I'm pretty sure this is part of the reason we all live so scattered across the US (New York, Alabama, Florida, California...even some in Jersey). There is probably some government restriction against us all being together for any extended period of time.
Ok, granted this is one of those "you had to be there" stories, but since I have photo's to prove this I'm going to briefly explain it here is the pic...

Here is what is happening:
1. We are about a third of the way to Vegas in the worst traffic on the freeway imaginable...unintentionally of course!
2. Ears are popping, we are in the mountains...there is snow...something is wrong
3. We are in 4 separate cars
4. The Giannini's pull into the only turnaround for about 100 miles (most likely)...which I'm still thinking was illegal
5. Two cars pull into the shoulder right before the turn-aroud (I'm in the first one) a confused/crazy and probably angry Aunt Ann tries to get out of the car, and a whole commotion takes place in the car behind us
6. Oh NO, the car that my Dad and Uncle Michael were in, goes by in the lane to our right!!!!
7. Cousin Peter calls Dad and coaxes him over into the shoulder about a football fields length PAST all of us (and the turn-around)
8. Longgggggg pause/awkward silence once he finally makes his way over
9. Cousin Peter finally says " back up"
10. After a lot of convincing and my dad saying "just go on with out us, we will suffer" (so dramatic)...and another long silence...
11. The reverse lights go on and my dad starts backing up...Everyone cheers!!!
12. I snap the picture
13. Mom freaks out "He is going to go into the ditch"
14. Dad does not go into a ditch (he wasn't even close)
15. We all successfully (and illegally..still...I'm just saying) turn around and book it out of there like a bat out of hell

It was a rush, and it will go down in history along with the "Maxi Pad Mix-up"...I'll get to that another time...

Okay, I think I painted a very clear picture in 15 steps, you get the point! Haha, moral of the is always interesting...hahaha!

Oh, what was this post really for...PICS...
Look at this beauty I took on the plane!

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  1. If I wasn't there I wounldn't have believed it!!! I still say he could have gone into the ditch - LOL!


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