Monday, February 21, 2011

Ryan Weaver

On May 5th, Ryan Weaver will be performing for our PBS end of the year celebration. It will also be a nice end to Kindness Week!!! If you would like to read up a little on who Ryan Weaver is..
He came for a "Meet 'N' Greet" on Friday afternoon, and signed autographs (shirts, jeans, juice, bags of baby carrots, whatever they could find) during all the lunch periods. The kids are pumped!!! We managed to get this pic of team guidance before he left. Such a nice guy, I'm really looking forward to seeing him perform in May...I'm admittedly not a big country fan, but I know I will still enjoy it!


  1. Awesome stuff! Ready to rock my old middle school out :-) Be safe! Ryan

  2. Looks like good times for sure! Love, MomSco


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