Thursday, May 19, 2011

Engagement Pics

Two weekends ago, we finally had our engagement pictures taken by Will Vragovic! He is AMAZING, we were SO happy with how they came out! We had such a great day driving around in golf carts, changing our outfits a bunch of times, and shooting pics in a variety of beautiful places! Will seriously did such an awesome job with not only capturing these shots, but also editing them. We LOVE them, and are having a tough decision picking out which ones (or one) we want to use for the save the dates! It is going to be a VERY difficult decision that we need to make ASAP!!! Here are some of them, I would like to make a slide show but I am slacking!!!


  1. I looveeee these SOOOO much!! I can't believe he got them back to you that fast! He did a great job. Is he doing your wedding photos as well or you gonna get someone up north to do them??

    So many good ones..understandable why it's hard to pick. Pick your favorite 3 and send them my way and I'll tell you my fave of the 3 :)

  2. These pictures did come out so beautiful - whatever one you pick will be fine because all of them came out so good! Love, MomSco


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