Monday, August 1, 2011

NEVER again!

I will NEVER EVER run another 5k...during the summer! I did well considering the intense heat and humidity...the hills most certainly didn't help either! I am glad not only that I finished, but that I remained on my feet the whole time! It is crazy when you are sweating before it even starts and out of breath about 15 seconds in! Lisa convinced me to sign up for the Citrus Road Race in Citrus Springs this past Saturday, and if she asks me to run Black Diamond on the 13th she is NUTS! In fact let me take a minute to declare to Lisa Judd....NO 5K'S FOR THIS GIRL UNTIL LATE SEPTEMBER, So don't even think about it! Well, now it is official! So anyway, Lisa is a runner obviously and she placed as proud of her! What an experience..."good times"! This first pic is from before...the rest are after...

1 comment:

  1. Good idea no more races until fall! I am proud of you though! Love MomSco


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