Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Proud Sister Moment

This is non-food related, but I have to take a minute to share a few things I dug up on the internet regarding my brother.  I was first stalking his YouTube account, then randomly decided to google him. I obviously have too much time on my hands, and miss my bro VeRy MUCH!!!  I found this awesome video that was posted a year ago...yet for some reason I have never seen it!

Then I found his bio on the School Of Rock proud of my little brother, and the fact that he is going back to school this fall to start working towards his Masters!!!!!  Also, so proud of him for pursuing his dream and doing what he loves...I  LOVE HIM!
"At the age of 12, Peter was determined to learn how to play guitar in hope of starting a band with his friends. This was just the beginning of his musical journey. From there, he threw himself into anything that would offer him the opportunity to play music. As a teenager, he played in many rock bands and studied audio engineering. Being heavily influenced by guitarist Steve Howe from the 1970’s progressive rock group YES, Peter became inspired to pursue jazz and classical guitar on top of his rock background. While attending Suffolk County Community College, Peter played guitar in Indie-Rock bands Mystic Flavor and The Woolgathering. After receiving his Associates Degree in music he continued his education at Purchase College where he studied classical guitar under the leadership of world-renowned guitarist, Frederick Hand. Today, Peter is still performing his music as a singer-songwriter around New York as well as playing gigs with musical pit bands, jazz artists, and other local songwriters. As a teacher, Peter encourages his students to have fun, play with other aspiring musicians, and to participate in anything that will further their musical abilities.  Peter is currently enrolled as a graduate student at Purchase College where he plans to continue pursuing a master’s degree in classical guitar beginning in the Fall of 2012."

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