Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's cooking this week and the Sergi's

We just got back from a wonderful weekend jam-packed with quality time with the Sergi's about an hour ago!  Man we are exhausted.  Hubby has insisted on running to the store to do a quick grocery shopping to get us through the week (he can never sit still, he already washed his car).  I on the other hand CAN sit still, and I plan on calling it an early night as soon as I finish posting this.  I have the worst sore throat I have had in a long time, and cannot be sick....this week is going to be intense (mostly work-related stuff you don't want to hear about).  This is what I have "planned" for this week, we'll see if I can actually stick to it....

Monday - Quick and Delicioso Cuban Style Black Beans, mojo pork (Publix *cheat*), and jasmine rice
Tuesday - Chicken with Peppers, and roasted potatoes
Wednesday - Grilled Chicken Mozzarella Panini
Thursday - Gnocchi with Tomatoes, Pancetta, and Wilted Watercress (I use arugula), and salad

And of course, I have to share some pics from the weekend...going to miss these guys!

Fun in the sun at the Vistana
Kaci let me wear her peanut crown
Joseph being knighted
After her experience at the Bipity Bopity Boutique...cutest!

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