Friday, December 21, 2012

Anticipation, Procrastination & The 6 Stages of Packing

It is almost here!  We leave for our trip in the morning, and I am seriously excited to just get there already!  I wish I could say that our bags are all packed, and we are ready to go...but procrastination is sort of my "thing" (especially these days).  Let's just say those piles of clothes on my bedroom floor are a good start, there is a system I promise...or at least I think there is?!  My productivity is on an entirely different level (or you could say my priorities are a little "out of whack"), as you can see by this post.  Confession - I am horrible at packing, space is limited...and the monumental task of "only bringing the necessities" has me stressed out.  Here are the many stages I go through during the packing process...maybe it is just me?

Stage 1 - The Calmness Stage:  "I have plenty of time, I can do this, and I will even make a list to make sure I have everything."
Stage 2 - The False Sense of Security Stage:  "I don't really NEED to reserve so much time...we travel all of the time, I am basically a pro by now."
Stage 3 - The Illusion Stage:  "I am just going to dump everything into this pile so that at least it appears as though I have started."
Stage 4 - The Houston We May Have a Minor Issue Stage:  "Yea, so....I have no idea what I even threw into that pile, and what else needs to be added to it...I'm exhausted, I'll just have to do it all in the morning."
Stage 5 - The Panic Mode/ Over-packing has been Initiated Stage:  Nothing makes sense... the suitcase is a disaster and I'm just going to throw all of these random things in just in case."
Stage 6 - The I'll Just Buy Whatever I Forgot When I Get There Stage:  It's basically too late, game over, just zip it up and get out the door!!!!
*Please note, you may get some "angry eyes" from your significant other during Stages 4 through 6
Organized chaos...perhaps?
Right now I am at a solid Stage 4...whatevs, it will all work out eventually (it always does)!  I can barely keep my eyes open...time for bed!  Ahhhhhhh, colder weather here we come! 


  1. Ha! Love the 6 stages. Have definitely been there... Good luck!

  2. Nominated you for a Liebster award! Check it out!

    xo Christina

  3. haha, I go through those stages almost every weekend! it got so much worse with a baby... I might as well just take all of our belongings with us every time we leave overnight :)

  4. I am terrible as well looks like we have a whole club here haha! Have a great trip girl!!

  5. LMAO! This is totally me too! I tend to overpack...sit and wait...put things back....and then bring all of the shoes in my closet even if its for a 3 day trip!

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