Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Caramelized Onion & Fennel Pizza

Have I ever mentioned how awesome I think that Kristin from W/ Milk & Sugar is?!?  
I'm pretty sure I have, but it certainly can't hurt to talk about it again!  She posted this pizza recipe a while back, and I knew I just had to try it as soon as I felt brave enough to try fennel.  That is one ingredient I didn't know for sure whether or not I would like.  The smell of it raw just doesn't do it for me (black thanks).  But when you cook it...ohhhh man, it is a whole different story.  I'm glad that I was finally feeling adventurous enough a week ago to try this!  It's good stuff!  I had no clue how to even cut fennel, but thanks to the magic of youtube....and of course Kristin's delicious recipe...this meal came together, and I WILL be making it again!
(I even have another recipe using fennel coming soon....
there were 2 bulbs in the pack, I promised hubby I wouldn't let it go to waste.)
for a pizza recipe that will blow your mind!
*The only thing I did differently was...
-I left out the goat cheese because it is a "no-no" on my preggo food list
-I sautéed the fennel and onion with a little bit of sliced red bell pepper
Thanks again Kristin!!! :)


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