Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ella's Favorite Things

Ella thought it would be fun to share some of her favorites today! Okay, some of these are MY favorites but I like to think she enjoys them too. Even though I expected her to take over, I'm amazed by just how much stuff a baby needs! Does she really need it all? That is debatable (but doubtful)! Our home is jam-packed with a "collection" of baby things. Naturally, there are certain items she (and I) gravitate towards more than others. If you have a little one, you might want to add these to your own collection!
Ella's Faves - 4 Months

1. Octivity Time - Lamaze makes some amazing toys! She has a few and loves them all but this octopus is especially entertaining. I feel like she will love him even more when she is able to sit up on her own.
2. Oball - This is one of the first toys she was able to grab herself. 
3. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - The classical music usually stops her in her tracks if she is having a meltdown...I like to keep it close by!
4. Kermit - The newest addition from our Disney trip the other day! His arms and legs are so easy to grab - and she loves chewing on poor Kermie's hands and feet. 
5. Leggings - I'm obsessed, and these fit her SO well! Ordering in every color...
6. Bright Starts Links - Again, super easy to grab. They are EVERYWHERE!
7. Homedics SoundSpa - We use this every night for the white noise. It either plugs in or takes's also small and portable. LoVe! 
8. Taggies Baby - Soft, cuddly and easy to chew on. 
9. Bumbo Floor Seat - Ella loves sitting up and being able to look around. She always seems so proud of herself when she sits in this chair! I like using the tray to put her toys on - although she brushes them off immediately....
10. Carter's Microfleece Jammies - These are super snugly and warm (believe it or not, it does get cold here). All Carter's clothing fit her really well. She has a pair with elephants too - SO stinkin' cute!

There's more where these came from but this is it for now. She promises to share more soon! 
Happy Thursday!
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