Sunday, August 17, 2014

What's cooking this week?

I'm a little sick. This always happens right when school gets going. It's not a big deal but I could definitely do without the sore throat! My fingers are crossed that Ella doesn't catch whatever this is. I'm trying my best to keep my distance but as you mamma's know, that's next to impossible! I think I should take it easy this week...
Tonight: Sunday Sauce
Monday: Not cooking
Tuesday: Creamy Artichoke Soup and steak for Hubs
Wednesday: Margherita Pizza
Thursday: Bro Sco's Black Bean Burgers and sweet potato fries

So far we've been having a restful weekend and doing some work on the house. This is what we do now. Hubs hung a few things up on the walls, it's much less "echo-ey" in here.  Last night we went out to Cody's Roadhouse for dinner. We ate outside and Ella was the center of attention as usual. She was too cute - clapping and dancing for everyone! Afterwards we watched Divergent. It was good but I'm mad I didn't read the book first - I know I would have loved it! Oh well, I just can't go back and read it now because that would be that weird? 

A little later I'll be making sauce for the first time in my new kitchen! To me there's nothing more homey than a pot of sauce cooking away on a Sunday! Speaking of my homey-home, here's a peek at the newest addition in my kitchen. There's usually an equal amount of dancing and cooking involved when I'm in the kitchen, so this is very appropriate for me! 
Happy Sunday!
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