Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's cooking this week?

Good morning friends! This week has been rough because our princess has been dealing with a pretty nasty diaper rash! She gets them from time to time but not usually as bad as this one. We're at the point now where the rash itself is gone but she has some raw skin still. Poor thing! My heart just breaks for her! Ouch! Hopefully we are finally in the clear. On top of the rash, she is in hardcore teething mode. She is gnawing off the paint on some of her puzzle pieces (took those away), biting on the handle to her stroller/walker thing, not to mention she's drooling like a beast. Still no new teeth, but surely they've got to be coming soon! I had to plan this week's meals fast because she is only going to be distracted by Mickey Mouse for so long. 
Tonight: Grandpa's Marinara with whole wheat pasta and salad
Tuesday: Chicken Avocado Lime Soup
Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken and Bean Chili
Thursday: Healthy Peach BBQ Pulled Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes

I've only made sauce ONCE since we moved into our new house (two months ago)...unacceptable! I can't wait to make Grandpa's sauce today. I'm going to take my time and let the onions caramelize REAL good. YUM! 
Yesterday I went out shopping for some 12-18 month clothes for the babes. As you can see, it was a major success! I remember having a hard time finding long sleeve onesies last year so I stocked up. There's a chance I may have gone overboard (twelve are probably more than enough). 

Today we are just lounging around. I think a Disney movie marathon is in order. If the rain holds out we may go for a walk to the park a little later. We also may attempt to break in Ella's new crayons - surely she will just try to eat them. That's about it over here. I think we all need a day to rest,  Baby Girl included! 
Happy Sunday!
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  1. Bless her little heart! My daughter gets bad diaper rashes from time to time. I know they have to be so painful!

    You raked up on clothes :)


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