Sunday, November 2, 2014

What's cooking this week?

We've been having an almost perfect weekend over here! I say "almost" because Baby Girl is giving us a real hard time eating and drinking. That's a whole other frustrating story but we're managing. Surely it's all related to teething. What a nightmare! Speaking of eating though, Hubs and I have no problem whatsoever in that department...
Sunday: "Mom's Bowl Tipping" Chicken Soup
Tuesday: Grilled chicken with roasted asparagus and potatoes
Wednesday: Past Aglio E Olio
Thursday: Chili

Back to our almost perfect and extremely eventful weekend. Of course we had a busy night on Friday with all of the Halloween festivities (recap coming this week) and yesterday we took Ella on her first of many trips to Disney World! If you've been following my blog for a while you might remember Hubs and I frequenting the parks quite often. We were passholders for three years in a row when we first moved down here. After a little hiatus, we're back in business! It felt a little surreal to be back with a third little person! Obviously it's an entirely different experience this time around. Game-changer! I'll have a recap of that as well too. It was a magical experience for all of us!

I'll be getting that soup going in just a few. Back to enjoying our Sunday and our picky eater. Thank goodness for bananas!
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  1. That chicken soup sounds and looks amazing! Can't wait to see photos from your Halloween!

  2. Girl, i know about picky eaters. *sigh* Constant struggle. GOOD LUCK!


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