Monday, January 12, 2015

Cool With Thirty

Happy Birthday to ME! I don't feel any different, at least not yet! Obviously, I can't help but think "30...already?" It seems as though time seriously started flying once we moved to Florida. No, I really don't think 30 is old (I would say that) but it is a little crazy to think how much has happened in the last decade. My 20's were amazing. Each year better than the last. Hopefully the trend continues!

Did you know I've been blogging for most of my 20's?! Yup, I started in 2009! I thought it would be fun to share thirty posts - seemed an appropriate amount! 

Soooooo, that escalated quickly! I definitely skimmed over a very important year....but that would be another list entirely. It's hard to remember life before Stephen anyway, so this list truly sums it up well! The point is, my 20's rocked. I'm so happy I started this little blog of mine, now at least I'll be able to look back here know, when my memory starts to go! 

Truthfully, I don't mind turning 30 at ALL. My favorite age truly is right now. My 20's have served me well and I'm ready to see what's next. Life's good, I'm content and beyond grateful. It's exciting to think about everything that's on the horizon for me and our family in the next decade. It's like a blank slate. Let's do this 30! "All good things"!!!
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  1. I LOVE the links to past posts! How fun! *let the stalking begin* ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Happy belated birthday to you. Hope you had a good one, and that the 30s treat you as well as the 20s did.


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