Sunday, February 28, 2016

What's cooking this week?

Happy Sunday...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hubs! We're having a low-key day...and if you ask me, it's much needed! Yesterday we went to Epcot and had lunch at Teppan Edo with family. Great times! When we got home, I had to run out to get some last minute gifts for Stephen. It's been that kind of week! Today we are just relaxing, may go for a walk to the park....maybe Best Buy for a new bluetooth speaker and then I'll make him a yummy birthday meal (hopefully to the sound of some sick beats from Hubby's new speaker). I'm letting Hubs call the shots for the day, but honestly I'm glad he is opting for a "homey" day! 
Here's the plan....
Sunday: Stuffed Shells for the Birthday Boy!
Tuesday: Crockpot Turkey (maybe "Turkey-less") and Veggie Chili
Wednesday: Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes 
Thursday: Steak for Hubs and leftover potato quinoa soup (I have to post this recipe!)
Friday: Grilled Chicken and Puerto Rican Beans 

Pregnancy #2 Fun Fact: My meal plans are not as diverse as I usually try to make them. Most weeks I try to make an effort to really mix it up....not just throughout the week, but the goal is to also make it different from the week prior. Lately, meat does not really appeal to me. I have never been much of a steak person, but even chicken, pork and even on some occasions any kind of ground meat has been a stretch. It's not that I CAN'T do it, or even that it will make me feel sick. I would just be fine without it.

When I'm making the plan, I'm really struggling with this because right now at 10:40 in the morning it all sounds heavy and I don't want any of it. What DO I want? Or, what am I okay with? Salad is usually safe, soups, beans, and veggies....anything Mexican (duh), cereal, and sandwiches. Pasta is just okay, but not my favorite unless it's loaded with cheese. It sounds like a lot but it's been limiting me. You may have noticed some of these things are not the most healthy. Hopefully this phase of "pickiness" passes soon! Maybe it will be over with just in time for with my Pampered Chef order arrives. It's hard to explain, but I'm working through it.
This pic of these two cuties was from yesterday at Epcot! I'm going to get back to our day of spoiling this sweet man who we couldn't possibly love any more! Happy 32nd Birthday to my amazing Hubby! Ella Rose and I love you MUCHO! XOXO
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