Saturday, May 7, 2016

22 Week Bumpdate #BabySkoDos

Only twenty two weeks? That about sums up how I'm feeling this week! I know I talked about this last week, but my stomach is getting so big, I simply don't have enough skin!!! How does one fix this situation! For some reason, I don't remember this being as much of an issue during round #1!
Changes I've noticed:  I'm feeling large. I still have a long way to go, I'm concerned! Obviously the main thing is that my tummy is growing at such a fast pace and my skin hasn't gotten the memo to keep up. "Jeans Day" at work is not nearly as exciting as it once was, and now when I put on my pants I step in by putting my knees out to the side instead of forward. Do you have a visual? Also, bending down is something I strive to avoid.

How I've been feeling:  None of the above "changes I've noticed" are all that comfortable, so let's just highlight this section with UNCOMFORTABLE!

How I've been sleeping:  It's been difficult to fall asleep with all the kicking. She gets me on my sides in such a way that it actually tickles! Once I'm asleep though, I usually sleep through most of the night without too much tossing and turning. 

Food and exercise:  It's amazing how much it helps to stretch daily! I've been making an effort to do this in the morning and right before bed. Yoga really is my favorite!It was teacher appreciation week at work which didn't help especially on "bagel day"! Otherwise, my dinner choices and portions have been on point!

Maternity clothes:  I've been breaking out those maternity shorts from my storage bin! I have three pairs (jeans, khaki and black) from Ella....I think maybe the collection could use one or two more! The summer is a little hot for leggings 24/7, so they will need to be super comfortable!

Movement:  It seems like she is active ALL day, but it's obviously most noticeable at night! This is one very strong girl! 

Best moment this past week:   Every time Ella does this....and it actually happens quite a bit without being prompted, I love all the affection for Sissy!
So sweet...and check out those shoes! 
Sorry if it seems like a lot of complaining this week, just being honest! Besides the discomfort....I'm feeling fabulous!
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