Friday, June 24, 2016

29 Week Bumpdate #BabySkoDos

It sure is HOT to be hauling this pineapple all over! We're staying cool when we can, but WOW I don't remember the heat bothering me as much last time!
Changes I've noticed:  I've noticed some stretch marks on my hips and thighs but honestly they may be old ones from my many weight fluctuations! They don't bother me, I've been lubing up with cocoa butter and coconut oil and whatever happens, happens. Speaking of weight, I've gained 23 pounds. I think most of it is in my arms!

How I've been feeling:  Hot and easily fatigued! Early in the day I'm okay, but around dinner time...I'm just done! It depends on the day, obviously I tire out faster on the days I'm more active - which is most days! This isn't the lazy/relaxing summer that I was picturing....Ella and I have been on the GO!

How I've been sleeping: We've been having Game of Thrones marathons and going to sleep a little later, but it's been okay. Ella hasn't been waking up until about 7:30-8ish and that is PLENTY of sleep for me! I'm usually up well before her, getting ready for whatever the day holds! I wish I would stay on my side all night long, but I usually have to correct myself the few times I wake up through the night.

Food and exercise:  Ahhhh, I had such a good streak going last week with the exercise and this week...not so much. I've been doing 2-3 short workouts throughout the day...grabbing my weights when I can, dance parties with my girl, and squats while waiting for Ella's mac n' cheese to cook...that sort of thing! It counts, but I'll be getting back to working out with Autumn (Beachbody - Active Maternity -on demand) next week! My chocolate Shakeology is still giving me that extra energy boost I need, and helping with my wacky appetite. I'm basically ALWAYS hungry, but not really in the mood for anything! It's weird. We've had a ton of fruit around since my dad has been here...lots of melon, and lots of berries! We've also been doing quite a bit of grilling and our meals have been accompanied by fresh veggies too! I did have a few week moments with microwave popcorn and iced decaf Dunkin Donuts coffee! It happens. Moving on!

Maternity clothes:  I have two options when getting ready in the morning....leggings or shorts. It's pretty nice, not going to lie! Trying to stay comfy is the key to keeping as cool as possible!

Movement:  This peanut is downright violent's like "why are you being so rough in there, chil"!?! The activity usually gets going around 7:00 in the evening and sometimes keeps me from falling asleep quickly. I don't mind though!

Best moment this past week: Hubby kept me company for my 3-hour glucose test ...which wastn't exactly the "best" moment"...but it was pretty awesome when I found out this morning that my results were normal! This is where one of those iced coffees came into play!
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