Friday, June 30, 2017

All about Emmy-Ems

Let's talk about our Littlest E! Since I left things hanging at 36 weeks pregnant, it only seems right that I dedicate this entire post to the newest member of the family. Emmy Kate was born on August 29, 2016 at 6 lbs, 10 oz. The best way I can describe her is an absolute JOY...this includes now and even during the "newborn trenches"! 
Emmy has such a sweet little personality and a smile that melts our hearts. She is a very easy going, low-key and go with the flow kind of baby. I think I birthed one of those mythical unicorn babies....parents often refer to them as "good babies". Ella gave us a rough start, mainly due to her tummy troubles, so you can't really compare (and shouldn't). Since I don't want to jinx things, I'm not going to get into what a great napper and sleeper she is...and how she is smiling most of the time. Ha! 

Ella is a phenomenal big sister and of course, a great helper like Stephen and I knew she would be. People often ask me if she experienced jealousy. She absolutely did, but in never presented in any animosity between her and Emmy. Instead, she demonstrates it through attention seeking behaviors. She absolutely adores her Little Sis! Now that Emmy is more interactive, Ella gets the biggest kick out of playing with her. All day long Ella says things like "isn't she cute", and "awwwwww, look at Emmy". I love how she loves her and is just as fascinated with her as Stephen and I are! We are all enjoying watching this baby girl grow. Why does it have to be happening so fast?! 
As of now, Emmy is in full-on crawling mode, is always trying to pull herself up and she cruises around in her walker like a boss. It's hilarious to watch her fly across the wood floors and crash into things! She also has found her voice recently and is always trying to copy us and even sings too. Speaking of singing, she LOVES the movie 'Sing'....even the cover of the blue ray makes her excited! Anything with music she loves because bopping along and clapping is her favorite. She is just so happy and sweet! So far, she claps, stomps, waves, blows little kisses and pretends to talk on the phone. No joke, her first official words were "Aunt Laura"...referring to one of her little people with blonde hair! We call her Emmy-Emys, Em, Ems, Emmy Face...sometimes I call her my meatball baby, or my "Shnookies" (not sure where that came from but it really stuck for me). 
It's been a blast being home with her this summer vacation. The timing is perfect because she's changing and learning so much by the day.  Hubs and I are thrilled to have another little Skoblicki girl to love on! Now if only time would slow down!
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