Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer Me

The summer version of me is WAY more fun and creative. Every year, over summer vacation I like to pretend I'm crafty. It's very fulfilling. It's not like I'm sitting around being bored...there is plenty in this home to keep me busy. It's just that during the school year, I find very few opportunities to branch out and learn new things. Yes, I know that if you want to do something bad enough, you can make time. The reality is that crafting is very low on my list of extracurricular activities. Obviously you've got the very important stuff at the top of the priority list...trying to nail the work/home blend consumes it all. This encompasses all things family, and a very demanding work schedule. I do enjoy cooking, at least I try not to make it a chore. Scrapbooking used to be a HUGE hobby of mine (one of the reasons I originally started blogging forever ago). I found a way to incorporate scrapbooking into my regular day to day work and home planning by going all in with the planner community. Perhaps that's a post for another day. Moral of the story....when it comes to's just not something I make much time for unless I'm home for an extended period of time and have a stress level of at least 90% less of what it is during the school year. It's just the reality right complaints. 

Why am I blogging about this? Because.... 1. I want to share some awesomeness from over this past summer break, and 2. I don't want to forget where I left off, so I can pick it back up next year! 
This is a cozy baby blanket that I made for a friend. It was ridiculously simple, and since the yarn is so chunky and the hook was so fat....I finished it in about 4 days! THIS is the tutorial I followed.
I also made these adorable donuts for a sweet little two year old's birthday. At first I was unrealistically ambitious and thought I was going to make a reality it ended up being only four. They are pretty easy but slightly time consuming for as small as they are. After I cranked out the first four for the birthday gift, I ended up attempting more for my girlies. So far I have 1 and a few random tops and bottoms that still need to be stitched and stuffed. That is a project for another time. I don't want to forget the exact tutorial I followed for these. It's THIS one, and HERE is the link to the actual pattern. I'm going to make more of these....some day. #tobecontinued
It blows my mind how you can learn pretty much anything on YouTube. A while back, a co-worker taught me a few crochet basics, and I relied on YouTube to take it from there. I'm nowhere near pro status, but if it's basic and the tutorial is clear enough...I can figure it out (and so can you, I promise). 
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