Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Productive Weekend!

Yippeeee!! I actually finished 2 layouts this weekend and I'm loving them!!!

This weekend was relaxing (at times). On Saturday, I went to see "He's Just Not that Into You" with Joanna (veryyyy cute movie) and afterwards her car died. But have no fear....Stephanie To The RESCUE!!! Yea, that's right, I saved her with my jumper cables AND my super human strength!! We MOVED her car....I know it's not hard at all.....just something about the whole experience made me feel like a hero! HaHaHa!! be honest I didnt even jump the car, some guy in the parking lot did, but STILL!! I saved the day! It felt nice! It was also good to just hang out and go see a movie. The rest of the day was great too I just hung around, did some scrapping and then Stephen came over when he got home from work!! Sunday was great too....I finished the "From My Love" layout, and Stephen helped me put it together. I spent most of the day at AC Moore....and then I messed around with the mod podge I bought for the rest of the afternoon! Yesterday, I didn't get too much accomplished, but it was a good day becuase we had Stephen's birthday bash at his house with his family....and it was cute becuase they all included me in on the festivities! HaHa!! Talk about a never-ending birthday! I recieved my ACOT February Envie order which was SUPER exciting!! My partner was soooo generous with all my goodies, I can't wait to us my "co'ordinations, chocolate box" paper! WooHoo....this is the stuff that excites me! LOL!

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