Monday, April 20, 2009

Out of control

I'm ready to admit the fact that this new craft I have started has officially crossed the line from "hobby" and is now well into "obsession"! I'm sure this has happened about a month or so ago but it is now at this point that I am willing to admit it. What makes me realize this now? Well.... here are the tell tale signs...
1. I get home from school and work every day and then stalk the mailman
2. The other day I got 2 separate shipments in the mail AND an envelope back from a cricut swap I have done
3. I have run out of ink in my printer...not from printing papers for school, but from printing Michaels, AC Moore, and Joannes coupons....EVERY DAY!
4. My boyfriend knows the difference between "cuttin-up" and "plantin schoolbook" well as what pop dots are
5. I sacrificed buying razors last week to get a new border punch

So is sad...but on the plus side I am having a blast which is great since I am BEYOND stressed during these last few weeks of college! Yea you read that correctly....In 10 days I am officially no longer a graduate student!!! My days at Long Island University are certainly numbered and I couldn't be more excited!! I have just 2 more papers to write along with some sort of presentation thing...and I AM DONE!! {Happy Dance} 24 days...or 3 weeks and 2 days I am leaving for the cross country road trip! {Continue Happy Dance}

Exciting stuff coming up...I can't say it enough! Now, I just need to find a job!!

This weekend was relaxing I got a little bit of scrapping done, there was a crop over at My Sketch WorldHere are a few layouts I finished....

This last one is gallery pick of the day today at MSW...and once again I am beyond thrilled!!!! Thank you to everyone for your awesome comments and also congrats to Ginni who shared the honor with me today! :)

As usual, I wish that I was able to finish more....Oh well! I'm a slow scrapper, I'm okay with it! :)

I also cut (or as I say "cricut-ed") a bunch of letters for the school I intern at....We are having a "College Awareness Week" in 2 weeks and check out the wonderful display case we made...and note the beautiful letters!!

I got this new cartridge for my cricut yesterday and I am loving it! It has a great variety of fonts...probably the most useful cartridge ever made for the cricut!

I was on line at Michaels with my $15 purchase when I spotted in my "periph" (lol) a huge display of cartridges, gave it the once over and sure enough, there it was, the one cartridge I have been waiting weeks for.....AND it was on sale for $39.99! Oh yea....there is NO WAY I'd be able to get that anywhere for cheaper! So...yea I'm a bit of an impulsive buyer....can that be #6?


  1. haha! Way to get completely sucked in! ;)
    Great scrapping.
    Wait until you try to digi world...I'll be here to help when you do. =)

  2. Girl, I'm with you on the obsession, hehe, but ain't it fun!!!

    Loving your layouts!!

  3. Yeah, you're hooked, girl!! LOL - join the rest of us in our addiction!! You've gotten some good looking layouts done during the crop!!

  4. welcome to the fantastic group of obsessional scrappers Stephanie!!


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