Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break!

Hello everyone! I am so "ecstastical" (made up word "ecstatic" + "fantastical" = ecstastical...spread the word!) about being off this week! It is Spring Break...which means....
AND Nooooo Work (Although I will certainly miss the children dearly)
I have an entire week of nothing...but of course I had to go and get sick today! Yucky stomach virus thingy...ewww! Oh well at least I didn't have to worry about calling in sick, getting coverage, or missing class.....none of that nonsense! I have a clear head...or I'm trying to clear my head. That is probably not the best idea because I do have a huge paper due on Thursday next week, and I am supposed to be making a big dent in that! But this is my break sooooo I'm going to make sure I get to fit in a bunch of scrappin! Here is what I worked on this weekend...

Challenge number 22 over at Scrap Whispers was FUN! I had to make a layout using every color of the rainbow...

Pretty, huh! I never worked with so many colors, or so many circles! But it's all about expanding my horizons, right?
This next one I did for a challenge at Let's Scrap Divas... I used 3 of the same picture, but each one has a dfferent color effect. I also submitted it for one of the April challenges at A Cherry On Top (Trends & Techniques challenge)....becuase I used a lot of distressing (distress ink, heidi swapp distresser tool, and torn coordination paper).

The journaling on this layout says...
"We had a huge snow storm in March 2009! We got a little over a foot of snow! It was SO great becuase we all got to stay home that day! There is nothing like a snuggly snow day when the whole family is home!"
This picture cracks me up because I have to admit...I wasn't shoveling at all! My dad and my brother were outside busting their butts shoveling and I was taking pictures of them. Then I grabbed the shovel from Pete and asked him to take a picture of me! That is why the title is in quotes on the layout...I was "shoveling", not shoveling....if ya catch my drift!

Soooo another week has gone by and I haven't heard from any schools about jobs yet! They are still requesting more and more information. After I gather my final few references I will be sending those letters in. It is still a waiting game at this point.
Meanwhile the trip is coming up soooo fast! Before I know it we will be going, going, going, gone....for just 3 weeks! That is a pretty long time....but it is going to be AWESOME!
Sooo here is the itinerary broken down day by day.....
May 14th - June 3rd

X-Country Itinerary

Day 1 - Thursday, May 14
LI to Harrisburg, PA
Day 2 – Friday, May 15
Harrisburg PA, to St. Louis, MO
Day 3 – Saturday, May 16
St. Louis, MO to Evergreen, CO ~12 hours (Stay w/ John @ his place)
Day 4 – Sunday, May 17
Evergreen, CO to Moab, UT (Camping @ Slickrock Campground)
Days 5-8 – Monday May 18 – Thursday May 21
Off-road in Moab, UT (Camping @ Slickrock Campground)
Day 9 – Friday May 22
Moab, UT to Northern Rim of Grand Canyon ~8 hours (Camping)
Day 10 – Saturday May 23
Grand Canyon National Park (Camping)
Day 11 – Sunday May 24
Grand Canyon National Park to Simi Valley, CA ~8 hours (Staying w/ Cousin Peter)
Days 12-13 – Monday May 25 – Tuesday May 26
Simi Valley, CA (Staying w/ Cousin Peter)
Day 14 – Wednesday May 27
Simi Valley, CA to Amarillo, TX
Day 15 - Thursday May 28
Amarillo, TX to Birmingham, AL (Staying w/ Anita)
Days 16-17 – Friday May 29 – Saturday May 30
Birmingham, AL (Staying w/ Anita)
Day 18 – Sunday May 31
Birmingham, AL to Nashville, TN
Day 19 – Monday June 1
Nashville, TN – Louisburg, NC (Staying w/ Madeline and Ray)
Day 20 – Tuesday June 2
Louisburg, NC (Staying w/ Madeline and Ray)
Day 21 – Wednesday June 3
Raleigh, NC to LI


  1. Hi there. your newest layouts are great. love the "shoveling" one. =) I don't shovel.. i let the hubby take care of it.
    I just love sketches.. i think you can still be creative, but have a starting point.
    your trip sounds like a lot of fun and good luck with that job search.. just when you least expect it, something will turn up.

  2. Adorable LOs! Great job with the challenges. Enjoy your break!


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