Sunday, August 23, 2009


We went to the movies to see district 9..... Reallyyyy good! The movie theater was in "Spanish Springs" right down the road.... Sooooooo awesome! We walked around a little after and found this awesome wine shop called "put a cork in it".... It's a cute place where you can hang out and taste a bunch of wines or even order a glass. Uncle John and Aunt Laura.... It's similar to "The Grape Merchant" in the Promenade.
Anyway here is a pic in front of a cool fountain we were trying to take...

Good thing we got some assistance!

Yes we have long sleeves.... It gets cold in the AC!
--> Stephanie
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  1. Looks like you guys had a nice afternoon. Can't wait to come and hang out with you there! Love yas, MomSco

  2. love your updates - like the brownie post too - think I might go make some too! :)


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