Friday, May 21, 2010

So many....

...WONDERFUL things to look forward too!

-1 week until summer vacation begins (for students)!
-8 days until Sharyn and Kevin come to visit!
-13 days until Tampa with the girls!
-19 days until Aunt Laura, Uncle John, Jen, and Kristen come to visit!
-26 days until I am OFFICIALLY on summer vacation!
-29 days until Mom, Dad, and Bro come to visit!
-49 days until Joanna visits and we go to Daytona Beach with the girls for 4 days!
-55 days until we leave for our road trip to NY!
-66 days until I go back to work and I officially become and 8th grade guidance counselor!
-89 days until Kim, Mike, and Stephen's adorable nephews come down and we meet up in Disney!
-148 days until Kim, Joe, Joseph and Kaci (can't forget Madeline, and Ray too) come down and we meet up in Disney!

So MUCH awesomeness...and I'm sure the list will be growing! Man do I love countdowns or what!?! Hope I didn't forget anything!


  1. You are going to need a vacation from your vacation when all is said & done!! Enjoy all these upcoming wonderful events & occasions. Can't wait til you come home to visit us.
    Lot's of Love, Mom Sko

  2. Don't forget that we will be back in the spring agian!!! We miss you tons!! At least once a day Kaci tells me that she misses Sessy

  3. I got teary when I read Kim's comment. I know how Kaci feels - I miss Sessy too along with Stephen as well!!! Can't wait to see you guys, Love MomSco


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