Sunday, October 27, 2013

What's cooking this week?

Hey, hey! Is everyone having a great weekend?
We met up last night with some friends for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I love that we can sit outside at this time of year, it's been GORGEOUS out!
I've been enjoying seeing everyone's Halloween costumes! Hubs and I aren't dressing up this year  but we are taking the babes to a local Halloween event on Thursday. I can't wait to show you all her costume (I hope it fits)!

Check out what's cooking! I thought it would be fun to use my crock pot ALL WEEK LONG! I'm also looking forward to trying out some tasty new recipes!
Sunday: Sausage and Peppers
Monday: Bean and Bacon Soup (Crock pot)
Tuesday: Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin (Crock pot)
Wednesday: Cantonese Sweet and  Sour Chicken (Crock pot)
Thursday: Happy Halloween!
Friday: Buffalo Chicken Wraps (Crock pot)

Sounds like a good week don't you think? I find that with the baby it's been easier to prep dinner in the morning. Things sometimes get a little rough in the evening.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, I'm heading out in a bit to Kohl's! I've got a 30% off coupon and I need a dress for the Christening!
She wasn't too happy right when we left, but she cheered up and was SUCH a good girl last night!
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  1. Love that little head band! And all those crock pot meals! Our pot fell off the counter and shattered...I am so sad! I need to buy a replacement but haven't taken the time.

  2. HAHA I love that picture. She has developed so much personality (you know this because you live with her)! I love her little face and the looks she gives!

  3. Bean & bacon soup!? My fave! Love that you're rocking the cockpot all week long, perfection! :)



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