Monday, February 24, 2014

Go Away Germs!

Oh NO! Ella is feeling under the weather! If you follow my updates you may already know that our peanut is experiencing her first sickness. Of course this is not a "first" I was looking forward to. Such an "unfun" (is that even a word?) milestone! Here is a quick update on my little trooper...

After running a fever basically all weekend (it never got higher than 100.6), she needed to be seen. Her cough if anything was getting worse, and last night was rough. She woke up often, and even when she was sleeping she was very restless. Since her nursery doubles as a guest room, I've been sleeping in there for the past three nights. At 1:00 I nursed her for a bit and noticed a little rash around her mouth. I freaked out and Googled it, I was convinced she had scarlet fever. It's been determined that Google is not a mother's friend!  

Stephen was able to go into work late and take her to the Pediatrician this morning. My poor girl has bronchitis (I guess I'm not a doctor), yuck! They gave her a nebulizer treatment in the office, and prescribed her some meds. 

It seems as though she is starting to feel a bit better! The good news is that she is no longer running a fever. Her appetite seems alright even though she is spitting up a little more than usual. She is a little playful which is a relief. Of course she is a little on the mushy side...not my usual happy girl. 

I hate seeing her this way. Like I said yesterday...we knew it would happen at some point.  I know I'm being a typical nervous mom, and everyone goes through this...but man it is so heart breaking! I can not WAIT for these icky germs to go away and for my girl to be back to her normal self! Ahhh, I just love her so much! Hopefully we see a big improvement tomorrow!

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  1. Poor thing! I hope she feels better soon!

  2. GOOGLE IS NO MOTHERS FRIEND. I HAVE to stay away or I am convinced Gracie is dying ALL the time! hah! I hope she is doing better tonight and will continue to get better! <3 <3

  3. I'm so sorry!! Our bodies must be in sync because I've been feeling yucky the past few days too!! I'm pretty sure mine is a sinus cold, so I'm just riding it out. Hope your sweet precious peanut gets to feeling better soon!


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