Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Boys Behind The Blog {Link-up #9}

Hey there! Round NINE...say whatttt?!? This has been a full term pregnancy worth of link-ups! NO, I am not pregnant again (dear lord that would be cray)'s just how my mind works now I guess.  Is that weird? Probably.

Mal and I have a little extra incentive for your guy to play along this month. Before I get into the details, let's hear from my guy!
1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Anywhere? Like Mars? Ok, clearly not Mars.
Inspired by underwater hotels in tropical locales, I would have a home built underwater near the Great Barrier Reef. Have you ever seen some of those places? Absolutely amazing.

2. Sand or snow?
I enjoy visiting the snow, but living near the sand.

3. What Winter Olympic sport would you rock at?
Skeleton. Definitely skeleton.

4. You're cooking a romantic dinner- what is your go-to dish?
I feel like this is the kind of question that can be used against me at a future time. I can’t say I have any one specialty; I would be more apt to try something different each time. Most people would be afraid of messing up by not having a go-to, but I think that would just make a good story for later if anything did go wrong.

5. Fill in the blank: This year, I gave Stephanie a new eye shadow palette for Valentine's Day. She lost her Naked palette (left it in a hotel room as far as we have surmised) sometime last year and was devastated. She “casually” mentioned that there was a new one coming out a few months back, and I held onto that info. She was very surprised.
Ok, it's me again...YES I was surprised with my gift, he's the best! 
Is your boy being resistant to answering these five questions? Bribe him with a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift card! Think of what he could use that for?!?! Maybe he could put it towards a Naked 3 pallet for his amazing lady? Just an idea fellas...! Ha! Enter the rafflecopter below before midnight on the 28th.
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Now don't forget to grab a button, and link up with us (this is basically the most important part)!
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  1. So excited to get in on the fun at another great BBB link up! Thanks so much for hosting, Stephanie ...and for the giveaway too! ;) What a creative answer for #1! {I'm going to have to google these underwater hotels asap! :)} LOVE that he got you a Naked 3 palette!! I'm sure you were tickled pink!! :)

  2. Stopping by from the linkup and happy to find your blog! Your man did good with the Valentine's Day gift!

  3. Love this linkup! That pics is so sweet :) I love that your man knows what a Naked palette is- haha! (Do you like 3 better than the others?)

  4. Haha my guy said Skeleton for his Olympic sport too! Thanks for hosting the linkup again AND for the giveaway!

  5. Thanks for hosting the is my first time has been really fun to read all the answers.

  6. Love this link-up, per usual :) Big thumbs up to Steven for getting you new makeup - I'm pretty sure Charlie would avoid that like the plague. BUT he did have his mom get me new makeup for Christmas soo.... close enough? haha!

  7. Love his idea of living in one of those underwater hotels!

  8. I think I would die if I lost one of my naked palettes. Good on Stephen for getting you the new one!!

  9. Way to go on remembering what she casually mentioned!! Major bonus points! And yes the underwear home sounds amazing!!


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