Monday, March 31, 2014

Enjoying Today

I know what you're probably thinking..."Monday, UGHHHH!". Seems like the first thought most of us have as soon as a new week starts is - "is it Friday yet"? I'm basing this on a lot of my Facebook newsfeed every Monday morning! We are all guilty of it.  If you aren't hardwired to think this way, please let me know what your secret is! 

Living in the moment is so NOT a strength of mine. I talked about this a little bit while I was pregnant. Obviously during that time I was super anxious for Ella to get here. Naturally, I was looking forward to seeing my little girl as much as I tried not to rush things. Now that she is here, all I truly want is for time to slow down. It's cliché, I know. Time is just whizzing on by! Reality hit me as I was sorting through all of her new NINE month clothes and packing up all of the things that don't fit her anymore. She suddenly looks so big to me. Her photos from her first few months are so drastically different! Our girl is growing so fast, and hitting new milestones every day!

How could I become a more mindful person? I'm working on it believe me! A while back I read this article about enjoying every moment as a new mom. Actually it was right before I went back to work. The timing was interesting because I was feeling SO conflicted between working mommy guilt and the fact that in a sense I spent a majority of my maternity leave hoping time would hurry up. What!?! That's crazy....I know, but hear me out. Basically I was anxious to get past the rough patch and to that magical three month mark that everyone kept telling me about. For some reason this article stuck with me. The entire concept of mindfulness intrigues me and it is something that I'd like to work at.

I want to be sure I am soaking in every second and enjoying each moment to the absolute fullest! Now I know that I can't slow down time, but I'm on a mission to be more present each and every day. Even during the moments when things are tough and you realize there are certain aspects of motherhood that aren't exactly how you imagined...the crying fits, teething, yucky sickness...I want to remember it ALL and not wish for "better" days ahead. This isn't easy for me. I'm sort of the queen of the countdown! At any given moment I could usually tell you how many days left until the next vacation or the next family visit. I suppose there is nothing wrong about having things to look forward to. For me, there is a fine line between looking forward to something....and wishing the days would hurry up and pass by so I could get to that next big moment. 

When I look at how much Ella's little face changes in just one month's time it simply makes me not want to live moment to moment like I usually tend to do. The in-between, everyday ordinary stuff is worth savoring too!!! Last night I was thinking about this quote that I had saved on my phone for a few months just as I was hugging my little one tight.... 
Have a Happy Monday! Enjoy Today! 
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  1. I LOVE this! As you said we are all so guilty of rushing time just to get to the next "big thing" I know I am one of the worst of this kind, but I am working on it as well.
    When you become conscious of this, I believe that is all you need to be able to soak in every morning, because in your mind you truly know that it is special.

    I LOVE following along as Ella grows, but you are right she is growing SO SO fast. You are doing such a perfect job in every way!

  2. I am in love with this post because it couldn't be bore true. Time really does fly by so quickly, but those little moments are always going to mean the world to you.
    Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow though. We have been lucky enough with Sydney staying in sizes for a REALLY long time. Lol

  3. I love the idea of being mindful and I've tried very hard to instill it in my life. For me I find it very difficult. Our live are made up of so many different things (mine is anyway) and while I try to remember to live in the moment it seems like I'm living more from one moment to the next. It's sad really.

  4. I love this. It's so true! I just seemed that it was yesterday that my oldest stepdaughter held my hand as we were walking around Six, I can barely get her to acknowledge me (she'll be 16 in about a month). It's just so crazy how quickly they grow up. So, enjoy these times now cuz, before you know it, Ella will be a teen & it'll be a bumpy ride.


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