Friday, May 23, 2014

Busy Ladies

My girl and I just made it through yet another busy week. More importantly, we have somewhat made it through the school year! I say "somewhat" because I still have to work a bit before I can officially celebrate being on summer vacation. The students are finished so THAT is worth celebrating! The days of our mornings starting out like this are coming to a close...
By the way I'm OBSESSED with my fruit infuser water bottle thingy that I got from my friend Rachel! So far, I've tried it with blackberries and watermelon. So refreshing. Not pictured here - my giant coffee that I consume before getting to the healthier stuff! 
On Thursday, Ella came to work with me. As you can see, I put her to work. She had a great time visiting with all of IMS's finest at the end of the year staff luncheon! Of course she also had a great time hanging with her pretty little friend Chloe, who is getting to be so big! Look at these two cuties hanging out in the cafeteria! 
Today was a little emotional saying goodbye to our 8th graders. They were such a wonderful group of kids that I had as 6th and 7th graders. In my FIVE years (whoa, that went fast) as a Guidance Counselor, this is the most attached I've ever gotten. They are the last group that knew me as "Ms. Scoma"! We sure will miss all of our kiddos...but man we are more than ready for a break! 
Needless to say, this has been an exhausting week for us. Ella has been hitting all kinds of milestones...pushing her stroller, yapping up a storm, and her teeth are coming in! The best part of every day has been coming home and snuggling my girl! We are all resting up for a fun three day weekend! Tomorrow we are heading to Blizzard Beach to see Uncle Rich and Jenn! I'm so excited for Ella to meet them and for her first water park experience. It should be interesting fun!
Surely by Sunday, I'll be back in "cozy mode"!
Happy Weekend!!!
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  1. I can't wait till school is out around here. We just have 2 more weeks and everyday I keep saying "I think I can" LOL
    Enjoy Blizzard Beach and take lots of photos :)

  2. Put em to work early, I love it! Good for you! ;)


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