Thursday, July 24, 2014

Is this a commitment I'm ready for?

After apartment dwelling for the past 5 years, Hubs and I are more than ready to put our stamp on our own place! The problem...we actually like neutral colors! A LOT! For me, I tend to get sick of things rather quickly so it's probably best to go neutral on the walls and add in my own accent colors with the decor. The house is already beige throughout with the exception of one yellow accent wall in the living area, and another yellow accent wall in the master bedroom. The yellow has got to go, but I can't just paint them beige. It's time to add a little color in our lives. I'm pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and taking a partial risk by adding some color. It wasn't easy finding something we could commit to, but we managed! I'm obsessed with these colors, and I seriously hope I don't tire of them too quickly! 
This is what we decided on:
1. Sherwin Williams "Quietude" accent wall in the main living area - This color is not bold at all, and I wouldn't be opposed to doing an entire room this color. There's no way that would be possible though since the entryway, dining room and living room all run into one another. I love it but don't want my entire house this color.
2. Sherwin Williams "Dishy Coral" accent wall in Ella's room - This was the closest "pinky/coraly" color I could find. I think her white furniture will look SO good against this shade. If it's not too much I may consider painting the other three walls as well, but if not I'm thinking about doing some gold vinyl polka dots instead (this is what I'm leaning toward).
3. Sherwin Williams "Enigma" accent wall in the master bedroom - I'd be lying if I said I wasn't petrified. This could go HORRIBLY wrong, or it could be completely amazing! Even if it scares the "ever-living you know what" out of me, I'm sticking with it until we have curtains and a headboard to break it up a bit. In my head it looks like a sanctuary. Hopefully this isn't an epic fail!

Do you have any horror stories with paint colors?! Tell me about it, maybe then I'll feel better when "enigma" backfires!

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  1. Too often people fall in to the DIY TV show trap thinking they need to have bold colors on their walls. Bold colors look great on TV but often look out of place in real life and lighting. Personally I think here is nothing wrong with neutral colors. They tend to be warmer and more inviting then that big bright "feature" wall. Just my .02


  2. Don't worry!! The BEST thing about paint is that it's just paint - and it can always be painted over! If you pick a color and hate it, it's totally fix-able. Not like knocking out a wall or something :) I'm currently trying to decide what color to re-paint our powder room, because I made a terrible choice the first time. C'est la vie! It's easy to re-do. Love your choices, btw! "Quietude" is lovely. There is nothing wrong with neutral - I went with a nice light gray for our entire main floor, and accent with some green in the kitchen and color on the walls. I'm sure yours will be great!

  3. Spend a couple dollars on samples before you commit! I learned that lesson the hard way. I also like neutral colors - almost every room in our house is shade of grey. But, it's what we like - do what you like! ...and buy samples! :)

  4. When we moved into our home we decided to go bold in two of the bedrooms. Now, we hate it! Since we're now re-modeling basically our entire home, we're going with a light shade of grey EVERYWHERE! I feel pops of color are best in accent pieces (and small doses). :)

  5. I love all those colors! They are awesome! I really like that pink for Ella's accent wall! :)

    Mandie -

  6. We are working on picking colors right now. I want to pick colors that we can take to Any place. I love all the colors.


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