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La'Shawn @ March to December {Guest Post}

Get a room!! :-)
Hi! I am La'Shawn. I blog over at March to December. I am very excited to be guest blogging here at Never the Same Spice Twice. Stephanie's blog was one of the very first that I sponsored and a blog that I read daily. I really wasn't sure what to blog about today. I am no cook! I promise you that. I then had someone ask me, "What is your and J's secret?"

That got me thinking. We have only been married for nearly 8 years. To some that is a drop in a bucket. To others, that is huge! I am not sure where I stand. However, we are happy! We are not trudging through life just making it. We are happy, and I guess it shows. He and I have been asked this more than once.

Don't get me wrong. We have our ups & downs...what couple doesn't?! I like to think we have more ups than downs though. Believe it or not, it is the little things that make our world go round. These "secrets" are not really secrets. I bet you guys know them! That being said, sometimes we all need a little reminder about the things we know.

Secret #1:  LAUGH! 
Laughing is good medicine! I have seen all kinds of articles out there about what the power of laughing does for individuals (and couples). My husband (and now kid), seem to make it their mission to have us laughing at all times! Be it funny jokes, being silly, or jumping out and scaring one another. There isnt a day that goes by that we are not laughing, most of it! You will find it hard to argue, think negative thoughts, or worse if you are laughing!

Secret #2: Forgive
I know that is easier said than done. I am no way saying, forget. I am only saying that we are human. Your spouse/significant other is just as human as the rest of us. I come from a line of grudge holders. This one is hard for me. It seems my husband comes from a line of forgivers. I will just go ahead and say it. I am the one asking for forgiveness the most. He doesn't think twice. Forgiveness is given. Big things and little things throughout our 7 year marriage and 11 year relationship. I might think twice, but always end up forgiving.

Everyone feels better in the long run. No, waiting for that shoe to drop. No, fighting over it. No, trudging it all back up. Forgive, learn, and move on. Most things, we are not going to forget. We shouldn't. Use them as learning points in your relationship...stepping stones to the next best part of said relationship.

Secret #3: Don't Nag!
I take great pride in the fact that I don't nag. I really didn't realize that I did, until my husband pointed out that it was one of my best qualities. lol. Hi! I am La'Shawn & I don't nag. :-) Yes, our spouses (especially men!) are not always going to jump right up and tackle the Honey Do list. They might drag their behinds on one simple task you asked them to do. I don't know about you....I am not perfect and I drag rear from time to time often as well!

I don't know any person that enjoys being nagged at. There is no real since of accomplishment when said task is done. There is a since of "Now she/he will be quite about it!" That isn't a good feeling on anyone's part. By the way, you likely could do the same thing you are nagging your spouse about. I understand there are some limits to that. I also understand we all work (inside and outside the house) as well. "Could you just do this one thing for me?!" If it is that important, do it yourself. ;-) I say that with all the blogging love I can muster. I promise you. In the long run, your spouse will notice and will thank you for it. Because, let's be honest. Who wants to be that nagging person and who wants to be nagged?

There you go. Those are my secrets to a happy marriage. I hope I didn't offend anyone. That wasn't my intention. Take them to heart. Throw them away. Whatever you like. I just thought I would share. :-) Sometimes all anyone needs, is a little reminder.

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