Tuesday, July 22, 2014


You better believe I'll be the first one to shout out "PIVOT" on Friday!

Sooooo, it turns out moving isn't easy. We haven't even gotten to the actual part where we perform the act of moving yet and I'm shot. It's especially not easy preparing for a move when you have a 10 month old underfoot - literally.

How/why do we all accumulate so much stuff?! I don't think of myself as a hoarder at all, but there are certain things I hang onto for "sentimental" reasons and I just don't have the heart to throw away. Surely you've all been there. Half of it really is junk that collects dust and takes up space. I so badly want to simplify our lives, but is now the time to be doing this "life cleanse"? 

It stands to reason that you should re-evaluate each item before you pack it to bring it to the new place. "Do I use this? Do I need this? Have I even touched this in the past few years? Will I miss this?" I'm not only talking about those "sentimental" items. There are also questions like "Do I need 27 chapsticks? Will I ever use this body spray that brings me back to my senior year (and not necessarily in a good way)? Let's be real - will those shorts ever fit again?" These things are stressing me out, taking up too much time....and after all of it I'm hardly throwing much away anyway. 

So, should I ditch this strategy...just throw it all in a box and deal with it when I unpack? OR should I just get settled in the new house and deal with it in my own time? So many questions!!! What did you do? I'm open to any pointers on the entire packing and moving process! We're at the point were I need a serious game plan! Let's do this!
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  1. I just barely moved myself (5 days before giving birth) we brought everything with us. As we were unpacking (my mom helped all day all 5 days), we filled a box with things my husband and I didn't want or need anymore...its in a closet, and we'll deal with it later...

  2. We had to majorly downsize when we moved to Denver so we sold/donated all of the furniture, clothes, etc. we didn't need or have room for anymore. It made the move easier (and cheaper--we hired movers) for us!

  3. I can't believe how much stuff we accumulate every time. For two kids without much money we sure do have a whole lotta stuff.

  4. Moving is the WORST, but yay! for awesome Friends references ;)

  5. When I moved, I got rid of as much stuff right away as I could. If there was a stressful debate, I put the items in a box to deal with later & nine chances outta ten, I got rid of that item. I hope that the move goes well & that you'll be able to scream "PIVOT" many times! Ha! :)

  6. I always do half and half. I keep what I know I might need, but if I get to my new place and there isn't a sppace for it, it needs to go.

    So maybe a check ,and than a double check?

  7. I've never actually moved but if I ever did I think I would use it as a time to downsize to only what we needed/used! It just makes sense to me.


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