Wednesday, July 17, 2013

32 Week Bumpdate

This 32-weeker is the size of a honeydew and I definitely believe it!  According to this nifty little chart that Kaitlyn from Wifessional's created (the Daddy edition)...she is the size of a loaf of bread!
My last week of summer vacation has been fantastic.  I was true to my word, took FULL advantage of being home and I squeezed in as much rest as I possibly could.  Today is going to be a major reality check.  Back to work!  These last 8 weeks of pregnancy just so happen to coincide with one of the busiest times of the school year.  Yes, I am grateful to have had the time off but now is the time where I am really starting to get uncomfortable and I can feel my body slowing down.  It should be interesting.  I really hope to kick this school year off right, and be as ready as I possibly can to take some time off (about 6 weeks).  It seems like I am at least mentally prepared to take on the challenge, but please send some good vibes my way.  It's going to be ROUGH!

Can you believe I haven't gained any weight this past week?  I'm pretty sure this is the first time that I am able to say that.  So far, I am still at 27 total pounds gained.  I've been walking a lot, and jogging a tiny bit when she isn't sitting on my bladder.  Swimming has been a great workout too and I hope to work more of it into my routine.  I also plan to continue eating well even though I am back at work.
Today I'm starting the day off with a yummy breakfast...
Ezekiel toast and almond butter, then I've got some some Greek yogurt with blueberries for when I start to get hungry again about an hour and a half later.  This is a typical breakfast for me, and it's quick and easy.  I'm stocking my office with 100 calorie packs so that when I start to graze I'm not running off to raid someone's candy bowl!  I read that at this point I should be gaining a pound per week, and half of that is going to chubbing up Baby Girl.  She sure is getting big and strong!
Sleeping has been just okay.  It takes me a while to fall asleep, I just cannot get comfortable.  Once my head hits the pillow is when Baby Girl decides to go super bananas in my belly.  It seems like it gets harder and harder every week to fall asleep as her movements get stronger.  Sometimes it helps if I switch sides, but that requires so much is almost easier to just leave well enough alone, stay where I am and take the beating.  This video is from last night, it is much more mellow than what I normally experience when it's time for bed!

Thank god for Tums!  I agree with my friend Laura...I'm probably getting heartburn because of how she is positioned (and kicking), not because of anything specific I am eating.  Just as a precaution though I have the Tums ready to go.  They honestly don't help THAT much, but it takes the edge off!

That's it for me...I am heading to the doctors, then straight to work.  Here goes nothing!
Happy "Bump" Day!!!!

***Tomorrow is the big day!!!  Link up with Mallory and I for the 2nd round of The Boys Behind The Blog.  Click here for the questions!


  1. I totally remember what that felt like at bedtime!! The movement is kind of cool, but it gets frustrating when you are trying to sleep! Awesome video of it!!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful day back to work! I remember losing a few pounds towards the end with all 3 girls...fingers crossed :)

  3. Tums were my BEST friend during pregnancy and we also learned that our Great Dane liked them too because she ate an entire bottle (they were fine for her but not something they need every day lol) The video was so cool-- I loved that part! Another fun snack is frozen grapes!!

  4. Oh my GOSH!!!!!! I love the photos and video! I can't believe she's here in just 8 weeks!

  5. So sweet! I love the video, my son would decide it was time to stretch his feet up into my ribs when it was time for bed.

  6. so sweet and love the facts you have the tums ready. they kind of match the meal color wise...hahah! yea for 32 weeks!

  7. You look great! I'm right behind you at 30 weeks, also having a little girl! :) So exciting! I'm also poppin' Tums all the time. I carry them around with me and you can hear them jingling around in my bag when I'm going places!


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