Friday, July 5, 2013

High Five Time

Happy Friday Morning!  I'm just lounging, watching The Today Show...having a lazy morning.  Likely this is going to turn into a lazy day.  I'm okay with that.  Although we stayed home yesterday, we were BUSY sorting through all of Baby Girl's goodies, doing her laundry and trying to find a home for everything.  I also outdid myself with over a 2 mile walk/run in the morning and I am quite sore.  Therefore, I declare today a restful day! The most strenuous activity I have on the agenda is packing.  What, packing?!? Yes, we are packing it up and heading to Orlando for a Disney weekend with family!   Can't wait to see our three adorable nephews...Disney is always a totally different experience when we are there with kiddos!  I'm a little concerned about tiring out quickly at the Magic Kingdom, between the heat, the crowds, and this big ole' tummy of mine.  My plan is to take lots of breaks and stay hydrated (it's like the road trip all over again).  Regardless, I'll be sure to enjoy every minute...I'm thinking this is our last Disney trip before we become a family of three!  
Here is a recap of some high five-worthy moments from the past week...
1.  On Sunday night (late) we came back from our NY road trip.  As you probably already know, NY was fabulous... but so was the journey there and back itself.  Yes, I was uncomfortable and being kicked in the ribs.  Yes, we had to stop frequently and take lots of breaks.  The hubs was SO understanding and caring...always making sure that I was drinking lots of water, asking me constantly if I needed a break, and my favorite...making sure I had my Starbucks fix!  We had fun blasting music, finding license platea ("US Pl8s" app), and talking about how excited we are for September!  I just love him more than ever.  
2.  The other day, I took all of Baby Girl's clothes out in an attempt to sort them all by size.  It was the cutest mess ever!  
3.  Speaking of clothes.... Ashley (Wannabe Green) is unbelievable and cannot resist sending me cute presents for Baby!  She is seriously too much, and I have banned her from sending me anymore presents!  Of course, I am extremely grateful!  I adore this adorable camera onesie (we all know this girl will be familiar with the camera), and the little whale sweater!  The whale has a bow, how stinkin' cute?!?!
4.  On Wednesday night I made this yummy Rachael Ray recipe for Louisiana Style Shrimp.  DELICIOUS!  
5.  We had this plaque made last year for our wedding.  It is pretty big, and we weren't able to get it home until we decided to drive.  It's home, it's hanging, and I love it!

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Nothing else too much going on over here!  Enjoy your Friday!  XO


  1. That is a super cute sign. Have a great weekend. :-) Came over from Lauren's Link up.


  2. Get a bassinet! I'm moving in the baby's room so you can cook for me!


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