Wednesday, May 22, 2013

24 Week Bumpdate

My little lady is the size of an eggplant...that's big!!!
Wow, things are really escalating quickly!
Changes I've noticed:  I'm up 18 lbs....I just KNEW that I was jinxing myself when I said last week that I have steadily been gaining 1 pound per week!

How I've been feeling:  My tummy is really itchy!  Even all of the cocoa butter doesn't seem to be helping much!  I still haven't tried the coconut oil yet, I think it's time for something new though.  The heartburn seems to be starting up again.  It's been the worst when I'm sitting up, and then better when I lay down...isn't it supposed to be the exact opposite?!?

How I've been sleeping:  Overall, I've been sleeping just okay.  Lately it's been really inconsistent...some nights it takes me forever to fall asleep, but then I sleep straight through the night.  Other nights, I fall asleep right away but wake up a million times.  

Food and exercise:  Summer vacation is REALLY close (exactly how close....I'm still not sure).  As soon as things settle down with work, I am definitely getting into a workout routine...AND going to focus more on eating healthy.  In the meantime, I am trying to incorporate exercise where I can, and make better decisions when it comes to food.  I've been eating "Fantastix" at work though, they are just like hot fries....and then wondering why I have heartburn....  

Maternity clothes:  Okay, NOW I'm set!  I made a pit-stop at Motherhood on my way home from the beach this past weekend and bought 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of capri jeans, and I found the CUTEST dress for my shower!  I'm really happy with it!

Movement:  Lots and lots of kicks and punches from my wild little lady!  She has been stepping on my bladder, which is the most interesting feeling...not a fan!  I know I'm in for a lot more discomfort though!  At the beach I put an earbud in my belly button and let her listen to some Justin Timberlake.  From all of her movements, I would say she is a fan!

Best moment this past week:  Preggo bonding with my friend Jaime!  Our moms are best friends, and we grew up together.  She lives a few hours away, and we were able to meet up for lunch and some maternity shopping when I was on my way home from the beach.  It was fun talking about EVERYTHING pregnancy related, and just catching up in general!  She also spoiled Baby Girl with all of these darling goodies...
Cutest...thanks Jaime and Carlos!!!!!!
I have really come to look forward to my weekly bumpdate "photo sesh"....there are A LOT more where these came from!
(Obsessed with the "Beautiful Mess" App!)
Happy Wednesday...Bump Day, LOL!!!


  1. Hi this is Jaime!! :) You're welcome!!! We are so glad you liked everything!

  2. awww and yea! nice post. baby clothes are just SO cute. i think you will like the coconut oil. i use it on my skin as well and it is great! (no, i am not pregnant...yet!)

  3. Okay you are darling!! How much fun to have a little girl! I am a new follower. SO excited to follow along and to keep updated! I hope you will follow me also!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  4. Girl get you some Tums! I had HORRIBLE heartburn towards the end of my pregnancy. It's no fun! :(

  5. I love that you shared your ear buds with her! Those clothes are adorable, I'm so used to all things boys so I love seeing little girlie things! Hope the sleep and heartburn get better!


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