Monday, May 27, 2013

What's cooking this week?

Let's not forget what this day is really all about....
Are you all doing anything to celebrate, or did you do that already yesterday?
We are planning for another low-key day, and that is fine by me! 

Hubby and I have been in nursery mode...we assembled the crib, and I've been drooling over the bumper.  It's starting to come together!  I keep finding Stephen standing in there admiring the furniture saying things like "we did good babe"!  It's just too cute, he is going to be the best Dad!  

Speaking of Baby Girl, she has been squirming around like a wild little lady in there!  I'll talk about it more in my next bumpdate, but let me just say that I no longer have a hard time getting Stephen to feel her kicking, AND I even captured it in a few videos!  Very cool!

Like I said, we have a very mellow day planned...starting with an early trip to the pool before it gets crowded for the afternoon.  

Here is what's cooking for the rest of the week...

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day! :)


  1. All of that sounds so good :) Have a good week!

  2. mmm, sounds all so yummy! so glad you still have energy to cook even with baby. cannot wait to see all the pics! will pin too when i can!

  3. Just found your blog and love the weekly recipes! Thanks for sharing! :) Excited for you and your upcoming baby girl (we had our first in December and motherhood is amazing!) Looking forward to reading more!


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