Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's cooking this week?

What a weekend! I just got home, I'm unpacked and in my comfy clothes already...feels good! Before I get to the details, I just want to share the few easy meals that are planned for the week...

Monday:  Spicy B.L.T.'s
Tuesday:  White Bean Basil Hummus Chicken Wraps (never quite got around to these last week)
Thursday: Southwest Pasta

We actually took a shortcut tonight and just got know I always say even though I love cooking, there is nothing like taking it easy every once in a while!  As relaxing as my weekend was, I am somehow exhausted.  Lots of sunshine will do that to you!  Not only did I get to spend the weekend pool AND beach-side with the girls...I even got to meet up with my fellow preggo friend Jaime and do a little maternity shopping before making the journey back home this afternoon.  The fact that she was able to meet up with me on such short notice, THRILLED me!  So now I am home sweet home with the hubs...we missed him!  

If you follow me on Instagram you have likely seen my many updates throughout the weekend, but here are a few favorites...
Love my beautiful cousins! 
Decaf, summer novels, and my bump :)
I hope you all had restful, wonderful weekends too!  XO

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