Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#NOtivation: 3rd Trimester Tips

I've been wanting to do a post with all of my tips for curing #NOtivation (lack of motivation) in the 3rd trimester.  The truth is that I'm not a pro by any means in this department.  If you have been following my blog throughout my pregnancy, you have probably noticed from my Bumpdates and #NOtivation posts that I've been set on finding what works for me.  The reality is that there is no ONE answer, it's been changing as often as my body has been changing.  There are however 3 tips that I would like to share.  This can apply to any trimester really, but since I didn't start kicking #NOtivation's butt until the third...we will stick to that!  
1.  Ease it up: Stop putting pressure on yourself!  Something as simple as getting up from the couch can seem like a monumental task.  Your lungs are all squished, AND you're carrying extra weight.  Accept the fact that things are different now and it is completely okay to adjust your workouts and expectations accordingly (and you should)!  

2.  Break it up: At my last meeting with my midwife she actually recommended that I break up my workouts into smaller segments.  She suggested I do half in the morning, then the other half at night.  I was pleased with this advice since I had been doing it that way for a few weeks by that point!  My morning workout is as simple as some squats, or calf raises while I'm brushing my teeth or waiting for the shower to get hot.  I work it in when I can!

3.  Switch it up:  For me, this is a surefire way to conquer #NOtivation even before I was pregnant.  Who wants to do the same boring routine day in and day out?  Maybe some people....but not me!  Since things have been changing so drastically week to week I've had no choice but to switch up my workouts anyway.  This works out great because it's been helping to keep things interesting!  I've tried everything from yoga to jogging, and intervals to swimming.  It's been anything but boring!

I hope some of you find these tips helpful!  Be sure to check with your Doctor before trying any new exercises and finding what works for you!!!
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  1. you go girl! I love your pregnancy tips, I can't wait to revisit them when the time comes!

    p.s. your bump is the cutest thing everr!


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