Saturday, July 25, 2009


Just got to the resort.... We are waiting to be checked into our villa! Here are just a few pics I have so far...

It is beautiful here!!! Jen is so psyched it's cute!!! She wants to explore... Gotta go!
--> Stephanie
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Missing My Sergi's!!!

I have had a BUNCH of jobs!! McDonalds, Ulta, Chili's, Splish Splash, The Fifth Season, Tutor Time, Tax offices, King O'Rourke.... It's nuts! But, no job has ever or will ever top when I babysat for the Sergi's!! Not only was it the longest job I ever had (5 years), but it was my favorite by far!! I miss them all already! I absolutely consider them family to me! Leaving was probably the hardest thing I've ever done!!! Joseph... Thank you for the ladybug necklace... I've been wearing it since you gave it to me! Here is an awesome picture I took of a picture of my favorite family....

And these are a few more faves...

You guys are the best.... Love and miss you mucho!!!!
--> Sessy
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time to relax!

Well, I have been on edge for the past 2 months!!! It is time to take a chill pill for these next two days! My aunt, uncle, two cousins, and two of their friends are spending the next 5 days up north at the Hammock Beach Resort....since there is room for 8 they asked if we could come along! Well, with all the craziness going on we originally said "thanks anyway, but we really should just hang out at home in case any interviews come along". However.... My two interviews next week are up by Tampa. The one on Monday isn't until 1:30 so we were going to leave in the morning for it. Since nothing "jobwise" is happening this weekend it makes more sense to take the trip with everyone and hang at the resort with them till monday morning... Then our drive to the Tampa area will be shorter by two hours! Smart, huh?!? Well the place seems amazing... On site waterpark.... 4 pools.... And our villa will be walking distance from the beach! Not sure how much relaxing I'll be able to do... But I sure will try!

--> Stephanie
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Monday, July 20, 2009


This made my day....

--> Stephanie
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I finally learned to pump gas!!!

With a full serve gas station around the corner.... I never needed to pump gas myself! Well..... Now I know!!!

--> Stephanie
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Adventure

We are on the road again!!! This time it's different... We are moving to Florida and I'm following Stephen there with my car! I have two interviews scheduled so far.... Hoping for a few more! We should be down there by Tuesday since we are taking our time. Here is a picture of the trailer....

--> Stephanie
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Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Stuff

Oh Yeaaaa! I finally found the time AND energy to get some scrappin done! First, I made this layout with a picture of yet another one of my Mom's best friend Andi's BEAUTIFUL paintings!! It is sooooo pretty, and colorful, I had fun working around this one! Check it out....

Next, I whipped up these two beauties.....

I wanted to make thank you cards for Cousin Peter, and Anita for letting us stay with them during our road trip! Yea it is a little after the fact, but with all the craziness that has gone on since I got back from the trip....I figured better late than never!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mystic Flavor

Me, Stephen, and my parents are at my brothers band "Mystic Flavor's" show in East Islip at the Bayview Clamshack! They are certainly way better than the last time I have seen them play live! I have to say I am impressed! They are playing a nice combo of thier old stuff, new stuff and a lot of great covers! Its nice they are playing outside on the water....wish I brought a jacket though!! Good times!!

--> Stephanie
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