Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A miracle and more...

Here is todays daily miracle...

It's Kaci's new shirt I yanked out of her closet today! I'm glad grams has been leaving me these miracles on a daily is definitely helping me through these difficult times!
I just sent out a bunch more applications...and YES I did finally break down and send them out to all the elementary schools! If it increases the chances that me and Stephen get to make the move together then I am definitely in!

Ok so here are the rest of my layouts from my SUPER productive week...

The journaling from this says...
"I had my first dance class when I was only three years old!! Dancing remained a huge part of my life for the next sixteen years!!! I have so many great memories here!"

The journaling from this one says....
"Over the summer, my cousins from Florida came up to visit for two weeks. We had an incredible time going here, there, and everywhere!!! Even though I am used to Grandma sending me "signs" practically every day...this ladybug we found at the nature preserve was nothing less than a miracle!"
Awwww cute...i know!

Oh craziness...guess what!!! In LESS than a month I am done with school!!!!! Ahhh! And then I graduate on May 10th!!! And then the big day....MAY 14TH....Stephen and I leave for our cross country road trip!!! I will post the trip itinerary up here in a few comes out to 21 days! AHHHHH I can not wait! Just me, Stephen, and the road! LOL! Someone needs to hose me down!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not Just Scrap Challenge

Ok, so at my LSS (local scrap store), there was a challenge that I decided to participate it. I have been pretty daring lately, since I feel like I have come a long way since I started scrapping in December! The kit consisted of these 4 Basic Grey patterned papers....

There was also two light grey pieces of bazill cardstock, a piece of light green lace, a few brads, buttons, a chipboard letter (could have been a 'q', 'b', or a 'p') and a pretty metal flowery charm. So the challenge was to make a double layout using ALL of the pieces in the kit. Since the papers were double sided I could used them either way except for one...had to be face up (the last one). I was able to use as many pics as I wanted.
Sooooo....this is what I was able to whip up....

I was really really happy with how it turned out...and I think the lady at the store liked it too...we will see if I get picked as one of the five finalists! Kim is doing the contest too, I'm sure she will do something insanely awesome!

What else happened this week...
We recieved a little bit of hope from the doctor who seems to think that although it will be a rough road ahead..... Gramps has a good shot of beating this cancer. So of course that was good to hear!

Stephen and I sent out a LOAD of applications to a bunch of schools in North Carolina and Virginia... and also a few in Maryland. Over the course of the next week I am going to be mailing out the remaining information (which is a ton of junk) that the schools need. It is like "instant head-ache" everytime I look at this stuff, but I'm hopeful it will pay off in the end. I'm starting to see that I need to be more open to elementary schools...since the majority of the job postings are K-5! (Grrr)

My Moms best friend Andi, is an AMAZING artist...she paints these gorgeous pictures, they are just stunning! The past 2 she made she took pics of and mailed them to us. The first one my mom framed, and the second one... I did this too...

She put the layout in this really pretty shadow box, and hung it up in the bathroom...too cute!

Hmmmm what else? Stephen and I went to the movies this afternoon and saw "Knowing"... I thought it was great! Is it weird that I love those "end of the world" types of movies?? I can not wait to see "2012"....when I see the trailer with that monk running from that huge wave coming over the himalayas...I get the chills! LOL...I'm a freak! Anyway one last layout before I go... this one I just did tonight for a "scrap whispers" challege... it had to be "mother-related"...

Oh my goodness! One last thing, how could I forget....I was "artist of the day" at Lets Scrap Divas on Thursday March 26th!!! They chose the card that I made for Stephen's moms birthday... let me refresh your memory...

Since I can't post a link to it because you must be a member...this is what it said...

"This gorgeous card caught my eye this morning....LOVE what you did with the Porcelian collection! Those flowers are cool! :D Great job!"

Well I have never been chosen for anything like that before so needless to say I was quite "ecstastical"! Ok...enough for tonight!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daily Miracle

For those who know me well, I'm sure you are aware of my "daily miracle situation"! It involves ladybugs!! I pretty much see one everyday! It is my grandmothers way of letting me know "she's got her eye on me"! It been going on for the past 2 years ever since she passed away. Sometimes I take pics. Todays ladybug was so random! Me and Kaci were looking in Josephs closet for toys to play with and we came across a puzzle flash card alphabet game and when I opened the box.... look what I saw...

This past weekend we went stopped by Stephen's sister Kim's house for his moms birthday / St. Patty's day gathering...I tried corned beef and loved it! I made this card for his Mom.... (used the basic grey porcelain collection)...

I spend the rest of the weekend completing this layout with the pics from my 24th birthday when we went out for Sushi! Notice all the stitching I have been doing... I used the tim holtz design ruler to pierce the paper. I love that thing!

This next one I completed yesterday. I love this picture of Pete's from the David Weld nature preserve. I love all the cool calming colors! The tag was also fun to make!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today was not the best of days... the news about the biopsy was not good. I guess we were all somewhat prepared for the worst....but you can never fully brace yourself for something like that. There is going to be a long road ahead, still need to find out more of the specifics after Gramps goes to see the specialist.

Anyway on a lighter note... I tried to keep my mind off of it today, and stay occupied. Joseph was home sick for another day and me him and Kaci had a nice relaxing day in, which is just what I needed! Those kids are so cuddly it is amazing! I hope my kids will be as cuddly as they are!

Me and Kaci even painted for a little bit and I took (then altered) these amazing pics!

And my absolute favorite of all of them...

I'm in class right now... not paying attention to my research methods class...once again trying to keep my attention focused elsewhere. My cutie pie is finally getting his own blog going and it is the cutest!!
Here is the link...
Gotta love him! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Color Splash

So I downloaded this new application on my phone where I can make part of a picture color and part black and's called "Color Splash"...
Here are 2 pics I have messed with so far.... I think it is awesome!! Click on them to view them bigger!

2 New Layouts and a Card and DISHES!!!

Here are the two latest layouts that I have completed over the weekend. I used some of my goodies from the March Envies Swap! It was fun! I wish I wasn't so busy during the week so I could do more! Hmmm....maybe next weekend I can do more! But considering, I guess I was pretty productive!
These pics are of me and my brother from when we went to Splish Splash...I look like I'm about 10-ish I think! LoL!!

This one is one of my faves, i LOVE how it came out!!! I think these pics totally make it!

The other thing that I was able to finish was this card for Dawn (Stephen's brothers fiance). I went to her bridal shower on Saturday and of course I HAD to make her card!!

Hmmm what else happened in the past few days since I have last posted.... I KNOW I KNOW!!! BIG NEWS!!!! Me and Stephen bought DISHES!! I don't know why I am so excited about this...maybe becuase it is just another sign that all these changes are really coming up FAST!! We bought them at Pier One...I bought a box and Stephen bought a box so we now have a set for 8 people! I think they are soooo perty!! Of course I insisted on capturing the silly...

Aren't they sooooo perfect?!?!?

Anywho that's the update....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week of 3/9-3/13

Ok well here are 2 layouts I actually was able to complete....DURING THE WEEK!!! That almost never happens! I know, I know....shocking! So yea now that it is the weekend I am hoping to get some more accomplished but I gotta admit I am feeling kinda lazy!! I have some awesome pictures of Joseph and Kaci...I want to eventually put together an are the first 2 layouts so far...

Both layouts were from challenges for a cupcake crop on Let's Scrap Divas....the first one was from a Simon Says game....kinda interesting!! I wasn't too crazy about it at first becuase I thought it was sort of thrown together but the more I look at it...the more it is growing on me.

I have been watching a lot of "Six Feet Under"...which is pretty morbid considering that this week was 2 years since my grandmother passed away...and we are awaiting to hear news on how my grandfathers biopsy went! Some rough stuff...but like I said the other day, I couldn't get through it if it wasnt for my wonderful support system. Just taking it a day at a time.

So what else happened this week....oh as I mentioned I was feeling a little blue but guess what totally brightened my day...what else.....yup.....GOOOOOODIES!!!! I recieved my package on Thursday from the March Envies Swap and once again I had another partner that was SOOOO good to me! I cant wait to use some of this awesome stuff! In fact what am I even doing online?? I should get crackin! Stephen doesn't get out of work until 10...I have an hour and a half to put something together, let's see what I can do!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

49 Days!

Okay only 49 days to go until the last day of class! I am currently "tweeking" my cover letter....and then getting my envelopes ready to ship out early next week! I am hoping to get at least 10-15 out!

This week has been a little bit of am emotional rollercoaster...just too much happening! Luckily I have the best support system ever!! (You know who you are!) Oh and Mom if your reading this...that means you too!

So in order to stay sane I am just going to focus on scrapbooking! Here is the latest layout that I have a pic of. There are two others that I have completed but haven't gotten to take pics of yet becuase it has been cloudy out. Today the sun came out so i'll try to get pics taken before it gets dark out! The picture in this layout is of my Uncle John (or U.J.)....he is very serious about "relaxation time"....and I think that this picture captures this perfectly!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who on earth is Sessy??

Ok here is the deal.... Sessy is the name that Kaci has given me (she is 2 and has difficulty with Stephanie..I would too, it's a hard name)...and it has sorta stuck! I often catch myself referring to myself as "Sessy"!!

So in honor of my new blog layout and title, I am dedicating this entire post to the two most wonderful children....Joseph and Kaci!

Let's start from the beginning...

I started watching Joseph a little over 4 years ago! He was 2 years old and now he is 6...and in first grade!!! He has gotten SOOOOO big!! One thing that has not changed however is his "adorableness"....check this out...

Not a day goes by when I'm watching him that he doesn't crack me up!! I know that all kids say the "darndest things"....but Joseph's darndest things are the most when he is referring to his tentacles ( telling me "Stephanie, you know I'm like a sponge, I soak it all up"!! And not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me I am the best babysitter, his best friend, and that he loves me!! Talk about a confidence booster...this kid is mine...and I love him!!!

After a few years Kaci came along! She is now 2 years old (will be 3 in June)...she is VERY different from how Joseph was when he was 2!! This girl will give you a run for your money...she can go from being the sweetest little angel to a little devil in a split second...but just take one look at that face...and none of that matters!

So, it has been the most awesome 4+ years...I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to be such an important part of these kids lives!! They say all good things must come to an end....but I know that just because I won't be here as often as I am is by no means "the end"!
Anyway, I'm jumping the gun....I still have a few more months of memories to these...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eatin Good...

Here is the first layout I have made by using all of my wonderful goodies!!! I absolutely LOVE this might be my favorite so far! I used the Basic Grey Marraketch collection....beee-yooo-tee-ful!!! These pics are from when we went out for a few of our MANY feasts while the family was up from Florida! I think the ones I used were from Tony's DiNapoli in the city, and also from my cousin Roberts restraunt (he is head chef), The Greenhouse Brooklyn!! Deeeelish!! I hope to have at least 2 more layouts completed by the end of the day...we will see if I can pull it off. I have to do my hair, at least I already went out to run all my errands and go tanning. I KNOW I KNOW.....tanning is very bad!!! Especially after seeing the poster on the wall of what UV damage can do to your eyes if you don't wear protection.....YUCKKKKK....GAGGG......EWWWWW....I HATE eyes...(except stephens of course....i tolerate those). Anywho I have been having a major case of the winter blues and I thought a nice tan might boost my mood a far I think it has! Sounds silly, but between the dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips....I can't take it anymore....this tan may just be the key to a better mood!! HaHa!! That and an afternoon/evening FULL of non-stop a lot to do! I better get to work!! (So far for the ACOT March Layout Completion Challenge I have only completed 2/12...I have some work to do!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Goodies

I can't wait to play with these! My LSS finally got the Basic Grey Porcelain collection.....yippeeee!!! I'm also especially excited about all the chipboard! I am going to give the Maya Road rub-ons a try (I always manage to mess them up....we'll see how it goes).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


On a lighter note.....

I am going to attempt to do 12 layouts for the March layout completeion challenge on ACOT!
Here is my first one....

For February I went for 10 and I ended up doing 3 cards! Ohhh Yeaaa!!!

57 Days

There is only 57 days left until my last day of class...I can't believe it is already March!!!! Sooooooo CrAzY!!!! I have said this like a million times before but time really is flying!!!! There is a part of me that is glad time is going so fast because I am so overwhelmed, I just want to close this chapter of my life. In other words - I have had ENOUGH!! Everyday i have a different schedule, a different set of activities, a different paper is a lot to handle! I have sorta "checked out" of school this semester. Someone may figure that by now I would be used to this....but I don't think anyone can get used to a schedule that is as random and chaotic as mine.
BUT on the other hand..... this upcoming transition WILL be the hardest thing i'll ever have to do in my life!!!! It will be harder than my research methods paper, harder than my degree synthesis presentation, and probably even harder than completing my bachelors and masters degree combined!! All of the training I have recieved up until this point probably couldn't prepare me (emotionally) for this change that will be taking place in just a few short months! Although I truly believe that the excitement will outweigh any negative factors of this move... it still won't make it any less difficult! I'm not sure what will be harder....leaving my family or leaving Kaci and Joseph...what am I saying it is the same thing.....they ARE my family too....all of the Sergi's are! It seems like a lot to handle at once, but I know it will all be for the best! This is the point I have been working towards for about 6 years now... gonna keep reminding myself that! I think it is just a little weird not knowing WHERE I am going!! Like I know I am leaving Long Island....but where will I end up? Where will I be 5 and half months from this very moment..... I don't know.....and THAT'S what is freaking me out! It is all so scary and exciting!!! I don't think I have ever had such mixed feelings!!!!

So here are the Pro's and the Con's (just to break it down):
I'm putting con's first so I can leave off on a happy/good note!!!

-Have to leave my home
-Have to leave my family

-Will be happier (this I am sure of)
-Less stress (or a different kind....i'll take it)
-Will be independent
-Starting my career....long over-due
-$$$$$ (even tho it will be going towards rent/bills/school loans....i still consider a salary a "pro")
-Will have a pen-pal for life (Joseph....and then Kaci when she learns to write)
-Summers off....oh yeaaaaaa
-Normal hours

Woohoo....I just got "re-excited"!!!

Conclusion ---> It will be tough....but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Yay, a snow day, at last!!! It is the first BIG WHOPPER for this winter....and if ya ask me it has been long over due!! I usually can't stand snow but when I get to stay in and not have to worry about going out in this mess....than it is FINE by me!! We got about 14 inches it looks like...and it is still coming down!! But I'm not sure how much more it will accumulate! So me and Mom are in the den watching "A Good Year"....I have all my school work down here with me (2 papers due this week), and we are drinking the "blueberry vanilla tea" that Anita sent us from Alabama! Yummmm! Penny is doing some serious snoozing all cuddled up in my blanket... what a great day! Only one thing I'm missing and he will probably be here in about an hour or so! Yay! Ok here are some rediculous! (You can click to make them a little bigger...)

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