Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!!!

Yay, a snow day, at last!!! It is the first BIG WHOPPER for this winter....and if ya ask me it has been long over due!! I usually can't stand snow but when I get to stay in and not have to worry about going out in this mess....than it is FINE by me!! We got about 14 inches it looks like...and it is still coming down!! But I'm not sure how much more it will accumulate! So me and Mom are in the den watching "A Good Year"....I have all my school work down here with me (2 papers due this week), and we are drinking the "blueberry vanilla tea" that Anita sent us from Alabama! Yummmm! Penny is doing some serious snoozing all cuddled up in my blanket... what a great day! Only one thing I'm missing and he will probably be here in about an hour or so! Yay! Ok here are some rediculous! (You can click to make them a little bigger...)

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